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Letitia Baldwin

Letitia Baldwin

Arts Editor at The Ellsworth American
In addition to editing the Arts & Leisure section, Letitia edits special sections including Out & About, Overview, Health Quarterly, Your Maine Home, House & Garden and Get Ready for Winter. She comes from Chicago, Ill, but has deep family ties to the Cranberry Isles. [email protected]
  • Jeweler’s Joyful Work Featured at Oct. 14-15 Festival

    DEDHAM — The Lucerne hills are starting to put on their fiery show. Ash, oak, birch, sugar maple and other deciduous trees are slowly changing color. The golden, red-orange and crimson standing out against the evergreens is a visual feast for motorists traveling Route 1A. Suzanne Anderson is among those travelers. Tuned in to her

  • American to Host Apple Pie Contest

    American to Host Apple Pie Contest

    ELLSWORTH — Lard or butter? Macoun or Cortland apples? Those are some of the choices facing chefs and home cooks invited to enter the American as Apple Pie Contest on Saturday, Sept. 24, at the Ellsworth Public Library. Hosted by The Ellsworth American, the contest is in conjunction with The Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce’s

  • Angus King Chronicles RV Odyssey across the U.S.

    Angus King Chronicles RV Odyssey across the U.S.

    Sometime in life, who hasn’t thought wistfully of taking off and traveling? Losing a job, inadequate funds and family obligations are among the factors keeping most Americans from fulfilling that dream. Plenty of Americans do though. Like bicyclists Eric and Susie Neumann, who recently wrapped up their 4,444-mile odyssey from Washington state to the Hancock

  • Sweet News

    Sweet News

    On June 17, 1861, the Bangor Daily Whig and Courier reported that the Civil War had disrupted the seasonal shipment of newly harvested strawberries and other Maine-bound produce from the South. The fruit, peas and new potatoes were being given away rather than just rotting on the docks in Norfolk, Va. One hundred and fifty

  • Rural Telephone Company Focus of Book

    Rural Telephone Company Focus of Book

    AURORA — “Give ’em the long ring — the woods are ablaze a mile out on the Great Pond Road,” cried a truck driver, bursting through the front door of a white farmhouse standing out starkly on the blueberry barrens in this upriver town. Drying her hands on her apron, Alice Silsby emerged from the