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Kate is the paper's Digital Media Strategist, responsible for all things social, and the occasional story too! She's a former reporter for the paper and can be reached at: [email protected]
  • Poor data hinders state’s recycling programs

    Poor data hinders state’s recycling programs

    Since 1989, Maine has had a goal of recycling 50 percent of its municipal solid waste, a goal that it has never come close to reaching (the rate was roughly 38 percent in 2019). Part of the reason Maine has struggled? A lack of reliable data, say officials at the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM).

  • PERC to close for maintenance in April

    PERC to close for maintenance in April

    Although PERC can store roughly 10,000 tons of waste in its storage area and on its tipping floor, the rest of the deliveries will be landfilled at Juniper Ridge Landfill while PERC is closed, said Plant Manager Henry Lang. The waste can’t stay stored for long, however, “since the packed-in waste tends to self-combust if stored too long — like wet hay.”

  • Paycheck protection: $92M awarded to local businesses

    Paycheck protection: $92M awarded to local businesses

    ELLSWORTH — More than 2,200 Hancock County businesses received a total of $92.24 million as part of the Paycheck Protection Program, a measure intended at staving off economic collapse as businesses around the country scaled or shut down due to the pandemic, according to an analysis by The American of recently released federal data. The

  • How will Maine roll out a vaccine?

    How will Maine roll out a vaccine?

    ELLSWORTH — Certain health-care workers and emergency responders could be given the first doses of a COVID-19 vaccine sometime in December as long as the authorization process goes smoothly, said Dr. James Jarvis, medical specialist for Northern Light Health’s incident command, in a press conference on Nov. 25. “There are two vaccines that have asked

  • Dolphin washes ashore in cove

    Dolphin washes ashore in cove

    BAR HARBOR — On a recent sunny morning in late October, before fall winds swept the rest of the leaves from the trees, several students at College of the Atlantic gathered on the lawn of the college for an unusual task: the necropsy of an Atlantic white-sided dolphin (Lagenorhynchus acutus) that had washed ashore in

  • Report tackles rising seas

    Report tackles rising seas

    BLUE HILL — Press the play button on the online map on and you too can watch as pixelated tentacles of blue creep farther and farther inland as the sea level rises: across Parker Point Road and Maple Lane, slowly eating into Main Street and up Pleasant, flooding across the town landing and the

  • Retail pot sales discussed

    Retail pot sales discussed

    ELLSWORTH — The Hancock County Commissioners will hold a public hearing at a virtual meeting in December to gauge residents’ interest in opting into allowing retail marijuana operations in all 15 of the county’s unorganized territories. At a meeting on Nov. 3, commissioners voted 2-1 in favor of holding the public hearing at a regular meeting

  • As country waits, local results much clearer

    As country waits, local results much clearer

    ELLSWORTH — It could be days before the world knows who won the White House, as races in key battleground states including Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania remained too close to call on Wednesday morning. But results were clearer in Hancock County. With all 37 municipalities reporting, former Vice President Joe Biden edged out President Donald

  • Potential recycling plant buyers down to three

    Potential recycling plant buyers down to three

    HAMPDEN — The number of interested buyers for the waste and recycling plant in Hampden has been whittled down to three, Municipal Review Committee (MRC) members announced at a town hall meeting on Sept. 30. “All three assume a closing before the end of the year,” said MRC Executive Director Michael Carroll. The plant shut down in

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