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V. Paul Reynolds

Columnist at Ellsworth American
The author is editor of the Northwoods Sporting Journal. His email address is [email protected]
  • Deer yard protection: SAM leads the charge

    Deer yard protection: SAM leads the charge

    Aug. 23 at Jeff’s Catering in Brewer, David Trahan, the executive director of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine (SAM), was the guest speaker at a Deer Yard Forum hosted by some Bangor area state Republican legislative candidates. Gerry Lavigne, a retired state deer biologist and wildlife consultant for SAM, joined Trahan at the podium to

  • Ranger Heath’s memory

    Ranger Heath’s memory

    In October of 1963, Katahdin hikers Helen Mower, 50, and Margaret Ivusic were working their way back down the mountain along the Knife Edge Trail. Although the two women were experienced hikers, Ivusic decided, over her partner’s protestations, to leave the marked trail and bush whack directly down the headwall to Chimney Pond. That fateful

  • Legendary Maine Guides

    Legendary Maine Guides

    The Northwoods Sporting Journal, in its August issue, published for the first time anywhere a complete listing of Maine’s Legendary Maine Guides, starting with the honorific’s namesake, Wiggie Robinson, who received the title posthumously in 2009. The article also contained photos of most of these legendary guides. The Wiggie Robinson Legendary Maine Guide Award is

  • Maine bear season nears

    Maine bear season nears

    If you like to hunt and consume what you eat, but have never bear hunted in Maine, you have been missing out. For a number of years, Diane and I baited and hunted our own bear sites up north. We have hunted a number of critters from Maine to Colorado, but the Maine bear hunts

  • Favorite flies for Maine

    Favorite flies for Maine

    “What are your three favorite flies?” Whenever a seasoned Maine fly fisherman shares his knowledge with me and my radio listeners on my radio program, “Maine Outdoors,” Sunday nights (The Voice of Maine News-Talk Network), I pose this question. Yes, the responses vary, but there are some common denominators, which I have squirreled away and

  • The forgotten Fendler legacy

    The forgotten Fendler legacy

    It seems, for whatever reasons, one of Maine’s most fascinating and uplifting woods lore adventures has faded with time. In Maine, July 25 is Donn Fendler Day. Governor Paul LePage claimed it so in July of 2014, seventy-five years after a skinny 12-year-old New York boy survived an incredible nine-day ordeal lost in the North

  • New gun dog book

    New gun dog book

    Paul Fuller and his wife, Susan, from Durham, N.H., are impassioned and accomplished bird dog trainers and widely traveled upland game bird hunters. Paul for many years has written a monthly column, “On Point,” for the Northwoods Sporting Journal. He also hosts “Bird Dogs Afield” television and You Tube shows. A new book, “21st Century

  • Outdoors in Maine: Green drake finale

    Outdoors in Maine: Green drake finale

    A hex, or if your Latin is good, a hexagenia limbata, is a bomber-size mayfly that shows up on Maine trout ponds in mid-summer, usually early July. For a trout, they are a turkey dinner with all the fixin’s – a chance to get the most amount of food for the least amount of effort.

  • Brimful of black bears

    Brimful of black bears

    While Diane was on the phone talking fishing yesterday morning with a friend from a Massachusetts suburb, his wife was heard yelling in the background, “Tom, Tom, there’s big bear on the deck knocking things over!” So, the conversation was cut short. As it turned out, nobody got hurt. We heard later that some loud

  • The undercover game warden

    The undercover game warden

    For many years before 2016, the Maine Warden Service conducted so-called “covert operations.” Basically, warden investigators were authorized to go undercover, use a different name and a cover story, and infiltrate a nest of hardcore poachers and eventually bring them to justice. These covert investigations were employed sparingly, and targeted at truly bad hombres, habitual

  • New hunting trends

    New hunting trends

    Fueled by a liberal press and the animal rights lobby during the past decade, the conventional notion has come to be this: recreational hunting is on the skids, living on borrowed time. Even among the ranks of outdoor writers, there are some of my peers who have bought into this negativity, arguing that the blood

  • New outdoor books

    New outdoor books

    Like lawn dandelions in spring, new outdoor books are popping out all over. Here for your perusal is a summary of the books and a short review of each. More detailed purchase information about these books is available at Click on “Outdoor Books.” “More than Wolverine” by Jeremiah Wood. Wood is a trapper, biologist