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V. Paul Reynolds

Columnist at Ellsworth American
The author is editor of the Northwoods Sporting Journal. His email address is [email protected]
  • Evergreens

    John Holyoke, outdoors columnist for the Bangor Daily News for the past 17 years, follows a long succession of the newspaper’s well-known outdoor writers — Bill Geagan, Bud Leavitt and Tom Hennessey. Like some of those before him, Holyoke started out as a sports reporter for the BDN. The Brewer native, a recent guest on

  • Big buck hunters

    There are deer hunters and, then, there are big buck hunters. Which are you? Of course, you say, we are all buck hunters, one way or another. Any Maine deer hunter who does not have a doe tag is a buck hunter, right? True, but there are a few stalwart deer hunters in Maine who

  • Ticks in the deer woods

    Most of us who spend time deer hunting have had encounters with deer ticks, the bad ones, or know someone with Lyme disease. Earlier this fall, University of Maine Professor Jim Dill, a tick expert, appeared as a guest on my Sunday night call-in radio program, “Maine Outdoors.” The phones rang constantly the entire hour

  • Lug nut blues

    As Maine comedian Bob Marley would say, “Looky, looky, lissy, lissy.” If you are an old guy, like me, who likes to drive his pickup on the logging roads in October looking for a bird to shoot, check your lug nuts before you strike out. Let’s say that you are somewhere on the newly graded

  • The long shot artists

    Most of us workaday, run-of-the mill commoners admire folks who are very, very good at what they do. Tom Brady throws a football like no other. Mookie Betts hits baseballs with a skill that brings baseball fans to their feet. Most of these people who shine and stand out from the crowd were born with

  • Young hunters: bringing them along

    Giving talks to rod and gun clubs around the state is enjoyable for me. It’s a good chance to rub elbows with good people who share a common interest. I learn a lot and always come away with new insights and topics to write about. Most of the time, the food is good, too. During

  • Marketing the Maine outdoors

    For years now, from elected Augusta officials of either party, we have heard this song before: “We need to be more aggressive and creative in marketing Maine as a hunting and fishing destination.” Yes, it’s an old, familiar score. But somehow reality always seems to fall short of promises and expectations. Traditionally, the promote Maine

  • The Rutting Moon

    Next to being in the woods during the deer season, I most enjoy reading books about how to hunt these wary animals. In fact, the stand beside my bed is a repository for dozens of books, most of which promise to show me the way to bag that trophy buck. As the nights cool and

  • Big changes for fall turkey hunting

    Traditionally in Maine, the two big fall hunts have been partridge in October and deer in November. That still may be the case, but with so many wild turkeys roaming the Maine woods fall hunters looking for some added hunt challenges might want to give fall turkeys a go. As most sportsmen and back country

  • A look at North Maine Woods

    Since 1972, an organization called North Maine Woods has been providing remote outdoor recreational opportunities amid a vast expanse of privately owned commercial forest that encompasses more than 3.5 million acres in this state. North Maine Woods was formed in 1972 with the aim of carefully managing and balancing outdoor recreational access and commercial logging.

  • Moose: Shot placement

    Moose are Maine’s largest big game animal by far. Bulls have been known to top the scales in excess of 1,000 pounds! Because of their sheer size and body mass, they can be difficult to put down, even with a high-powered rifle, if shot placement is not good. For ethical as well as practical reasons,

  • The County connection

    Aroostook County has always had an allure for me. Not just because of the great trout fishing, of which my family and I have partaken often over the years, but for many other reasons, too. As a youngster who left Bangor and spent some pre-teen years living in Houlton during the late 1950s, the County