Articles by: V. Paul Reynolds

V. Paul Reynolds

Columnist at Ellsworth American
The author is editor of the Northwoods Sporting Journal. His email address is [email protected]
  • Spring bear hunt

    Spring bear hunt

    In the St. Lawrence Seaway, Anticosti Island’s whitetail deer population is flourishing with upward of 50 deer per square mile. During the first day of my hunt there I saw 36 deer! As a Maine deer hunter, you can’t help but ask yourself this question: what is the variable that explains this stark contrast between

  • A close shave

    A close shave

    This event is true. The names have been changed. It took place on a deer hunt in northern Canada. There was some snow on the ground, and more coming. Bill, with his rifle slung over his shoulder, was driving a four-wheeler along a riverbed. As directed earlier by a hunt guide, he was following old

  • Winter ice conditions

    Winter ice conditions

    Each year about this time, the Maine Warden Service urges us to use extreme caution before venturing out onto any ice that may be covering Maine’s waterways. This is timely advice. Almost every year, especially at night, a snowmobiler perishes or gets in serious trouble trying to cross thin ice or inadvertently driving a snow

  • Maine snow sledding: good and bad

    For many Maine winters, weekend camping and ice fishing trips to my favorite North Woods lake helped pass the dark months and brought immeasurable fun and memories for me and my family. To this day, my kids reminisce about these winter outings. When the action was hot, we chased tip-ups from one ice hole to

  • Record deer harvest

    Somebody said that statistics don’t lie, but statisticians do. And as most of us have learned, statistics can be used or misused to mislead. When it comes to game harvest numbers and the popularity of recreational big game hunting, we need to approach cautiously in drawing conclusions. On the national level, there has been a

  • Sleepless in the Rockies

    For some people, sleep is just something you do to recharge and keep life on an even keel. For others, sleep is Divine, one of the creature evolutions that bring sheer pleasure. I belong to the latter category. For me, a good, well-crafted mattress and a night of extended REM sleep is a special gift.

  • Lost person scenario

    This story is true. The names have been changed for obvious reasons. Doug is deer hunting the North Woods with deer camp chums. The afternoon hunt plan is to split up and hunt to the stream, linger there, and head back to the road to the trucks by last light. Doug’s campmate, Frank, has worked

  • Gifts for sportsmen

    Most of the sportsmen and women I have known over the years have had an affinity for tools of the trade, gizmos and gadgets that have a practical application in their outdoor pursuits. And if they want something, and can afford it, they just go out and buy it. Oh, there are exceptions in the

  • Those running shots

    To shoot or not to shoot, at a running deer, that is the question. Every deer hunter, no doubt, has a different take on this question. As a younger deer hunter, taking a snapshot at a running whitetail was well within the parameters of my fair chase playbook. Today, not so much. My reflexes and

  • Maine leads the way on hunting rights

    Like so many voters who try to stay informed, articles about the pro and con of the high-profile CMP corridor referendum monopolized most of my attention. Pulling the curtain behind me at the polls, I was prepared — or, at least, so I thought. Referendum Question 2, money for highways and bridges, was a shoe-in.

  • Back-road buggies

    Just about anyone who travels the big woods back country has a different idea about what is the perfect four-wheel drive, back-road vehicle. The city slickers from Madison Avenue, many of whom have never driven “off-road” in their lives, dream up television commercials for folks like us who want a tough truck for the back

  • Grizzly bears

    Grizzly bears

    Like the proverbial mountain lion question in Maine, folks who live near the high country in western Colorado are asking: “Are the grizzlies back?” As with the mountain lion in Maine, wildlife officials in Colorado insist that the grizzly bear was officially ruled to be extinct in that state as of 1953. However, a grizzly