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Holly Simason

Columnist at Mount Desert Islander
Former Islander cooking columnist Holly Simason is co-author of the mystery series “Death of a Kitchen Diva." Simason has collaborated with her screenwriter brother Rick Copp for the Bar Harbor-based series. The books are written under the pen name Lee Hollis.
  • Lunch Box Leftovers Do the Trick

    I never used to be one to eat many leftovers. Usually, when the meal is over,  leftovers are put away, most likely never to be used or eaten again, until they are finally removed from the fridge when I need room to add more leftovers. Occasionally they might be eaten by a hungry child or

  • Island Cooking: Getting ‘Fried’ in the Kitchen?

    As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t eat a lot of fried foods, or at least I try not to, but on some occasions, I really get a craving for something fried. Of course, this week was one of those occasions and I indulged in two of my favorite fried foods. Oh, I might as well

  • Island Cooking: No excuse for not serving lobster

    With prices so low right now, a lot of people are buying and eating lobsters. I’ve been having some lobster myself. Especially when you have company, it’s always fun to have a big pot of mussels and lobsters and enjoy them outside when the weather is so nice. I realized the other day though that

  • Island Cooking; Blueberry Sightings

    With the many sightings of blueberries around the area, I guess it’s time to start thinking of some different ways to use them. I’m pretty basic in using them – blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes, blueberry breads. Of course, there is blueberry pie but I fail pretty miserably almost every time I try to make a

  • A Love Affair with Sandwiches

    A love affair with the sandwich is something I’ve never really had. Don’t get me wrong; I do like a good deli-sliced, rare, roast beef with horseradish sauce, and a really good cheese on an onion roll, or even tuna salad. One of my absolute favorites is the good old marshmallow fluff and peanut butter,

  • Island Cooking

    Growing up, I never was a really big fan of a lot of different foods, especially meat. Actually, I was a pretty picky eater until I got older. It really didn’t matter what I was eating; I literally would drown it in ketchup. If we had steak at home, and I was not a big

  • Island Cooking: My heart melts for this dish

    Years ago, when I was in the service, the big thing to do during off hours was to be on a bowling league. Since I grew up here in Bar Harbor, I was only used to the candle pin bowling with the little balls. I had never bowled with the big ones with the holes

  • Island Cooking: Memorial Day is on its way

    Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend and it’s once again that time of year when lots of people are having barbecues and picnics with friends and family – a lot of times these get-togethers are potlucks. I was looking at recipes the other day and decided it was time to update a few of my

  • Island Cooking: A hot time on the old plate tonight

    I love spicy food, and ever since I read somewhere that spicy food helps burn calories I just love it that much more! One of my favorite spicy food items to cook with is fresh jalapenos, and I buy them by the dozens at the grocery store. I tried growing them a couple of summer

  • Island Cooking: Give cauliflower a chance

    I really never have been a huge fan of cauliflower; I think it’s because if I bought some, all I ever did with it was cut it up and put it on a vegetable platter with some other raw veggies, add a bowl of dip and call it a day. But for the past few

  • Island Cooking: Ring around the Airplane

    I just spent almost my entire weekend in an airport and the worst part was it wasn’t even very busy. My son was going to visit his dad in Ohio and after his first plane was delayed then eventually cancelled, we decided to stay overnight so he could get his next plane on Sunday. So