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Hugh Bowden

Executive Editor
Hugh writes editorials, covers Hancock County sports and helps out where needed in The American's editorial department. When he's not on the sidelines, he enjoys playing jazz and tennis. [email protected]
  • Commentary: Collins must accept responsibility

    Susan Collins, I’ve read your statement of shock and dismay that at least two Supreme Court justices that you helped confirm have lied to you and turned on the American people to sweep away a human right that has been protected under the U.S. Constitution for almost a half-century. And I believe your statement lacks

  • Commentary: Where are the Democrats?

    Are Democrats across this country capable of uniting behind one or two controversial issues and going after the vast millions of Trump-loving Republicans who want nothing more than to impose their version of an autocratic government on the entire United States population? Based on ample evidence that’s been provided in the months since last year’s

  • Commentary: What are we becoming?

    By Hugh Bowden As the investigation into the failed mob attack of the United States Capitol on Jan. 6 of last year has unfolded over the past 13 months, much has been revealed about the involvement of militant right-wing groups such as the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys in that insurrection. With former President

  • A party that’s lost its moral compass

    Growing up with two God-loving conservative parents, it seemed the natural thing for me to enroll as a Republican when I registered to vote in my first election. And for years after that, as I developed a political philosophy that embraced individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, small government to the extent possible and a willingness to

  • Let’s do what is necessary … and what is right

    For many years, as executive editor of this newspaper, I wrote editorials decrying the inexorable increase, year after year after year, in our national debt. Most of those annual increases very likely could have been avoided had members of Congress — both Republicans and Democrats — been less inclined to spend money the government didn’t

  • It didn’t have to be this way

    We no longer have a democracy. We’re losing thousands of lives a day to a pandemic that never should have gotten to this stage. We have an economy in shambles, with millions of Americans wondering where their next meal will come from and how they will keep a roof over the heads of their children.

  • Is this the kind of government we deserve?

    When one thinks about it, there’s a good explanation why millions of Donald Trump supporters cannot acknowledge that scarcely a day goes by when he doesn’t disgrace the office he now holds. Were they to acknowledge that disgrace, it would call into question their faulty judgment, and they simply cannot tolerate that thought. Only when

  • GSA surges in 4th to win Northern Maine title

    GSA surges in 4th to win Northern Maine title

    BANGOR — With a 26-point effort from junior guard Taylor Schildroth and 15 rebounds and 12 blocked shots by junior center Max Mattson, the George Stevens Academy boys’ basketball team finally broke open a seesaw game in the fourth quarter and downed Fort Fairfield 59-45 for the Class C North title Saturday at the Cross

  • GSA girls fall to Dexter in Class C North title game

    GSA girls fall to Dexter in Class C North title game

    BANGOR — Faced with the toughest defense they saw all season, the George Stevens Academy girls came up three points short in their bid for the Class C championship game Saturday night at the Cross Insurance Center. The swarming defense of the Dexter Tigers prevented the second-seeded Eagles from mounting any consistent offensive flow, limiting them

  • The new news: Fluff, sensation and gossip

    By Hugh Bowden Do you sometimes wonder what’s wrong with much of the national news media — and the American public it purports to serve? Maybe this sums it up: The following headline came across our Internet news feed on a recent Saturday night: “Amber and Johnny’s divorce explodes: Everything you need to know.” We