Articles by: Gabe Souza

Gabe Souza

Out & About Intern at Ellsworth American
A former editorial intern, Gabe wrote arts and feature stories for Out & About and the newspaper.
  • Biden the best man for the job

    Dear Editor: There was a recent large Republican celebration at the people’s White House. The main speaker was President Donald Trump. He attacked Democrats and former Vice President Joe Biden. His speech should by fact checked, fact checked, fact checked. We could use Pinocchio — when he lied, he nose grew. At the culmination of

  • A preview of things to come?

    Dear Editor: Donald Trump is a self-declared nationalist who believes he is totally above the law and has no need to behave responsibly in social, financial or legal matters at home or abroad. William Barr, rather than acting as our nation’s top lawyer, attacks his own department’s findings and acts as though he were Trump’s

  • Let’s hear it

    Dear Editor: A big thank you to Stephen Fay for his editorial entitled “Might we hear what he has to say”? It would be such a wonderful improvement throughout society if we could at least listen to each other and have civil conversation. This editorial was indeed appropriate after the letter of the previous week

  • Barncastle Inn Duo Sparks Faithful Following

    BLUE HILL — In the corner of a room at the Barncastle Hotel and Restaurant, a bass player and guitar player go about their business. They’re not belting out psychedelic riffs or seeking attention with flashy solos, hoping someone will listen. They don’t have to. They already have a loyal following. Hugh Bowden and John