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Cheryl Wixson
"Maine Dish" columnist Cheryl Wixson lives and cooks in Stonington. Her passion for organic Maine products led to the creation of her business, Cheryl Wixson's Kitchen. She welcomes food-related questions and comments at [email protected] or
  • Maine Dish: Slow Cooking Required for Rich Lobster Stew

    December is the season for treating family and friends to the foods from your kitchen. When folks come to visit us here on the island, we always like to serve local cuisine. As our hometown of Stonington has the largest lobster landings in the state, lobster is almost always on the menu. No matter what

  • Maine Dish: World of Ways to Cook Eggplant

    Sometimes I need to be careful what I wish for. My farming friends and family know my weakness for surplus product. They see it as potential compost. I see it as product. Nothing goes to waste, it just gets “put by” for next winter. Excess cucumbers. I see pickles. Seventy pounds of strawberries. I’m sipping

  • Maine Dish: Apple Pizza, Please

    When the last two root-cellar apples went into a slaw, I had to check our orchard. We have been visiting the 21 trees we tend at Barbour Farm quite regularly this summer, and I was thinking that the transparent apples would be just starting to ripen. Sure enough, the ground below this over-35-foot tree was

  • Maine Dish: Cool Off With Cukes

    My cucumber plants are loving these glorious days of summer sun and intense heat. I like to grow the variety Tasty Jade, a slender, Japanese cucumber with a crisp, fresh flavor. Perfect for both eating and cooking, these cukes are thin-skinned, practically seedless and burpless (helpful for those with a digestive challenge). As long as

  • Maine Dish: Gone to Blueberry Heaven

    Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the native foods of Maine. Towns throughout the Pine Tree State are celebrating with fairs and festivals featuring the season’s bounty. Here in Hancock County, Blue Hill is saluting the number one antioxidant fruit with a Maine wild blueberry festival and blueberry pie contest on Aug. 6. Every

  • Maine Dish: Flowers Good Enough to Eat

    Nasturtiums are one of my favorite summer flowers. Native to Central and South America, the plants first went to Europe and then landed in New England with early settlers. They are very forgiving and easy to grow. I love their happy faces and the bright melange of yellow, orange and red blossoms that wend their

  • Maine Dish: In a Real Pickle

    At our last staff meeting, my friend Andrew asked me to share a dill pickle recipe. With the recent heat, the cucumbers on his farm are starting to come on quite quickly. “Nothing fancy and kid-friendly” is how his family would like to capture this bounty to enjoy now, and to add spice to their

  • Maine Dish: Let Them Eat…Er, Strawberries

    We have been swimming in strawberries, as our eldest daughter recently visited after picking 140 quarts of this irresistible summertime fruit. For two days, our kitchen literally became a small strawberry factory. We processed pounds of luscious, red-ripe fruit, freezing whole berries to enjoy in the winter. Pots of berries with rhubarb, blueberries and cranberries

  • Maine Dish: Star-Spangled Spuds

    We recently enjoyed a delicious potluck supper with 20 new farmers and young apprentices at Fisher Farm in Winterport. I love events like this, as it gives me the opportunity to sample other folks’ cooking styles and get new recipe ideas. The most prolific item on this local foods menu was potatoes, primarily as salads.

  • Maine Dish: Hit the Trail with High Test Cookies

    Back when our daughters were competitively swimming and training, I kept the pantry stocked with nutritionally dense foods. Nutritionally dense foods are foods that provide both high amounts of energy and nutritional benefits. In comparison, snack foods, like potato chips, provide empty calories, or high calories with no other nutritional benefits. A working body needs