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Cheryl Wixson
"Maine Dish" columnist Cheryl Wixson lives and cooks in Stonington. Her passion for organic Maine products led to the creation of her business, Cheryl Wixson's Kitchen. She welcomes food-related questions and comments at [email protected] or
  • Martha’s haddock chowder

    Martha’s haddock chowder

    Chowder is such a comforting food. Traditionally a dish for the working class and fishing folk, New England style chowda, is believed to have originated in Newfoundland. In those days, fisherman would throw a portion of the day’s catch into a large pot. The fish would be cooked with salt pork, and thickened with crackers

  • Wild rice shines in turkey salad

    Wild rice shines in turkey salad

    Turkey is such versatile meat; high in nutrients and easy to use to create delicious encore meals. Once the meat has been picked from the bone, be sure to save the carcass of the bird. Toss it in your largest pot, cover with water, add some chopped onion, carrot, celery and a bay leaf and

  • The sprouts of Brussels

    The sprouts of Brussels

    Tender, sweet and delectable mini-cabbages, Brussel sprouts are one of my favorite vegetables.  Although not specifically a root crop, Brussel sprouts can be stored in the root cellar while still on the stock hanging from the rafters.  Larger sprouts keep longer and better than the small ones, but in our house, none last for very

  • Sweet and simple

    Sweet and simple

    With the holiday season approaching, I’m scouting for quick, easy and healthy snacks that I can bake to share. Too often, we Americans are surrounded by processed foods loaded with chemicals, sugar, sodium and fat. Tempting as they may appear, these types of foods are not good nutritional choices, and excessive consumption contributes to obesity,

  • One-pot wonder

    One-pot wonder

    Fish soup is one of the most ancient dishes of the Mediterranean, and in Italy, every coastal town has its own traditional version. The recipes vary from family to family, and with the varieties of fish. The names will vary; on the Tuscan coast it is known as cacciucco, on the Adriatic side, brodetto (little

  • Fall into mushroom season

    Fall into mushroom season

    Early Greeks and Romans are believed to be among the first cultivators of mushrooms, using them in a wide variety of savory dishes. Sizes, shapes and colors of mushrooms vary tremendously; there are literally thousands of varieties. Although wild foraged mushrooms are delicious, it is vitally important to know which species are edible, as many

  • Slow cook and savor rabbit

    Slow cook and savor rabbit

    Since raising rabbits is an important part of our organic farm plan for building the soil, rabbit is quite often on the menu at our house. This year we had a good harvest, 43 fryers, which we smoke, freeze or make in sausage.  Rabbit meat is quite tasty, very similar to chicken.  It does dry