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  • Why am I so anxious?

    Why am I so anxious?

    Hi, Carolyn: I am 49 and live with my husband and 5-year-old son. We just bought our first house and we’re doing well. I have battled addiction and depression in the past. I still do but I feel I have it under control. My husband is semi-retired at 50 and I’ll be working in the

  • On my own and lovin’ it

    On my own and lovin’ it

    Dear Carolyn: I’m single. I’ve been single my entire 60 years. I travel alone most of the time, yes, even on vacation. I’m sick of people being shocked that I drove cross-country twice alone. I’m sick of people giving me odd looks and telling me, “Your day will come,” when I am alone on vacation,

  • Mother of the groom wants a more elaborate wedding

    Mother of the groom wants a more elaborate wedding

    Dear Carolyn: I’m trying not to be hurt by my future daughter-in-law’s attitude toward the wedding she’s planning with my son, “Paul,” but it’s proving difficult. “Mara” is a young widow and had a big wedding with her late husband. I can understand not wanting to do that all again, but this is Paul’s first

  • Anti-male prejudice a deal breaker

    Anti-male prejudice a deal breaker

    Dear Carolyn: My girlfriend and I are both female. She has always had some anti-male leanings, but she has become unhinged with the sexual harassment news in the last month. She posts things on social media like, “All men are pigs. Yes, I said all.” I pointed out that I have dear friends who are

  • Can this marriage be saved?

    Can this marriage be saved?

    Dear Carolyn: My husband has had to travel for the past several weeks. We have young kids. I haven’t missed him at all. Not as a partner and not even helping with the kids, since he doesn’t do much. He is a good dad, but he and I constantly bicker when we are together (both

  • Might divorce be genetic?

    Might divorce be genetic?

    Dear Carolyn: I am wary of dating guys whose parents are divorced. My parents and most of my friends’ parents are happily married. I think people whose parents are divorced may have a different sense of marriage — i.e., that it doesn’t have to be for a lifetime. I think it does. I basically have