Articles by: Becky Pritchard

Becky Pritchard covers the town of Bar Harbor, where she lives with her family and intrepid news-dog Joe-Joe. She worked six seasons as a park ranger in Acadia, and still enjoys spending her spare time there.
  • Storm-tossed whale search draws a blank

    BAR HARBOR — A daylong search for a floating whale carcass near Mount Desert Rock came up empty last week despite the efforts of College of the Atlantic’s Allied Whale, Bar Harbor Whale Watch, the Marine Patrol and the U.S. Coast Guard. Crews spent a stormy day at sea last Monday hunting for the whale

  • Making our roads safer

    Making our roads safer

    BAR HARBOR—When a driver appears to be impaired but tests zero on a standard breathalyzer test, Officer Judson Cake takes over. Breathalyzers only measure alcohol levels. Cake looks for signs of other types of impairment. He is a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) for the Bar Harbor Police Department, and his work is in high demand.