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  • Board notes better security

    BAR HARBOR — Updates to school security were discussed by the school committee here Monday. During the current school year, many new safety measures have been put into place. In addition to meetings with staff to review concerns, school administrators conducted meetings with the police department and knowledgeable individuals to discuss their observations on school

  • Baseball roundup

    Baseball roundup

    With a week to go in the regular season, the Bucksport Golden Bucks, the Mount Desert Island Trojans, the George Stevens Academy Eagles and the Deer Isle-Stonington Mariners appear poised for post-season play. In Class B, the 8-5 Trojans jumped from eighth to fourth place on Tuesday as they beat Bucksport 6-4, snapping a 10-game

  • MCMH Breast Cancer Events Scheduled

    ELLSWORTH — Maine Coast Memorial Hospital will host two free community education forums and one full day of free mammograms during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. The first forum on Wednesday, Oct. 17, will be a breast cancer seminar with three local specialists. Oncologist Dr. Philip Brooks, radiologist Dr. Brian Ewy and surgeon Dr.

  • Rise Up.

    I was in Hong Kong when I first received the first Facebook inbox on the 23rd of January 2011 inviting me to go down to the square on the 25th to take part in the Egyptian Revolution. I was extremely happy but I was also sad because I was not able to take part physically.

  • You know WHY. Now the HOW

    After the Tunisian Revolution finally happened, Egyptians were encouraged to make a movement and take in charge of their freedom like the Tunisians did. The group that started the revolution was that of several law students in the Cairo Law University along with Wael Ghoneim, a 28 year old Egyptian who lives in Emirates. He

  • Ok, enough of the heavy.

    Since all my previous posts were quite depressng because I talked too much about reality, I translated those for you just so you could cheer up a little and feel like still reading my blog.   A Japanese tourist hailed a taxi in downtown Cairo and asked to be taken to the Airport.On the way,

  • Imagine That.


  • No Right to Stability

    Out of all the problems that faced Egypt because of its president at that time and that I have mentioned, the ones that the youth faced and that is unemployement and the inability to get married and start a family, are the ones I focus on the most because it’s the young Egyptians of today

  • STORY 2

    The second case :Ashraf Mohamed El Demerdash 32 years oldThis man is married and has 4 daughters ,he had an agricultural Diploma , live in his father’s house “The mission met his wife who informed that “ I have married Ashraf for 10 years and we have 4 daughters and we don’t have an agricultural

  • They tell you the story of how their dear ones died.

                On 17/1/2004 the broker called youth to go to Alexandria port ,they informed that they will be transferred through a boat called “Asaad Karim No.410” ,but after 20 days of the traveling ,the families of these individual informed that their sons were arrested and detained in Tagoura prison in Libya .The families submitted complaints to

  • More Egyptian youth dying to immigrate… Literally.

     Throughout Mubarak’s ruling. Egyptians flee away from their country to work in other host country  due to unemployment and the disparity of resources in Egypt. And this disparity of resources comes from the fact that the ex-president, his family and his ministers and crowd have full access to the country’s budget and have the authority to approve what the