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  • Xenophobia is expensive

    Dear Editor: Imagine you are a billionaire who actually wants to restore the United States to its former glory; re-establish our international leadership; rekindle the world’s appreciation for the American experiment. How would you do that? I would start by paying thousands of young people from around the world to come and see for themselves

  • Saluting Santa Fund volunteers

    Dear Editor: For 40 years, the Hancock Santa Fund has provided gifts of toys, books and warm clothes to children in Hancock. Each year the children have requests that break my heart. They ask for blankets, boots, snow pants, warm coats and sleeping bags. These are items that no child should have to worry about.

  • Maine’s potential to reshape history

    Dear Editor: As a fairly recent emigrant from Hancock to the West Coast I recognize that I may be seen as having no business trying to influence the vote of any Maine citizen, and I do in fact admit that this is true. But I simply want to point out to you that your vote

  • The threat of unfettered aquaculture expansion

    Dear Editor: I write today to comment on the unfettered expansion of the aquaculture industry. I support sea farming and realize that it will become a major industry in the future, but I cannot support a process that is fueling rapid expansion without respect for  our environment. It has been my privilege to serve as

  • Support a free and open internet

    Dear Editor: This is a letter to Sen. Susan Collins. Dear Sen. Collins: As college students, we use the internet every day. Having grown up in the digital age, we know firsthand how critical the internet is to our academic success. It has enabled us to learn independently and given students the tools necessary to

  • Scary good

    Scary good

    By Dale McGarrigle Special to The Ellsworth American BAR HARBOR — Sometimes it’s just fate. Griffin Sherry, Max Davis, and Sean McCarthy grew up together in the Buxton-Hollis area of southern Maine. But it wasn’t until decades later, in June 2012, when the trio started playing music together as Ghost of Paul Revere, who will

  • In defense of Christmas cards

    By Tom Walsh Remember Christmas cards? These seasonal snail-mail greetings have been a fixture of the holiday season since they originated in Victorian England in 1843. Originally created as postcards, they saved time for aristocrats too busy to pen hundreds of personalized letters of holiday good cheer. The first Christmas card is credited to Sir

  • Impeachment: What Maine can teach the rest of the nation

    By Paul Mills On the evening of April 1, 1940, State Controller William Runnells sustained two self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the chest. Runnells’ nearly successful suicide attempt would punctuate the beginning of the last proceeding in Maine government that sought removal of a high-ranking government official. Though it’s been nearly four score years since this

  • Altruism in action

    Dear Editor: As Thomas Macauley wrote: “The measure of a man’s real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out.” I am a nursing home administrator from Maine and I had the opportunity to witness the altruism of Mr. and Mrs. Morrill Worcester — of Wreaths Across America.

  • The emperor must go

    Dear Editor: Not all that long ago, in what is now the country of Italy, the Roman Empire was the only superpower in the known world. They built roads everywhere to enable their troops to enforce what became known as Pax Romana, the Roman peace. Unfortunately, their government had become unstable. Caesar Augustus had set

  • Words of wisdom from Sen. Smith

    Dear Editor: The authors of the Constitution gave us an interactive roadmap to keep our government on track. When the executive violates his oath of office and careens off course, legislators must remove him from the driver’s seat. Although a political process, they must keep their eyes on where the nation is being taken, whether

  • Thinking of the immigrant children

    Dear Editor: This past Thanksgiving, I had the privilege of visiting my four grandchildren. We watched “Star Wars” and “Home Alone,” among other activities. They have many books, toys, stuffed animals, etc. They go to excellent schools. Religion is part of their lives. They have plenty of food. They have warm beds at night. Hugs