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  • A sad and scary time for our democracy

    Dear Editor: This is an open letter to Sen. Susan Collins, Sen. Angus King and Rep. Jared Golden on the subject of treason. For the last two years, I have seen the President repeatedly support Putin’s dismissal of the charge that Russia interfered in the 2016 election and call the investigation into the Russian actions

  • Maine’s lobster industry needs your help

    Dear Editor: A little over a week ago, we saw more than a thousand lobstermen flood the Stonington commercial pier. Almost the entire Maine delegation attended in person to demonstrate its support for lobstermen who are being unfairly targeted around the issue of right whale entanglement. Also speaking and demonstrating their support were Maine Governor

  • Opiate article raises more questions

    Dear Editor: I found the article about opiate availability in the July 25 edition interesting. There was one omission of principal sources of prescriptions — the hospitals dispensing from their pharmacies for patients use. I raise this question because as a patient for pneumonia this spring I was offered fentanyl for pain. I did not

  • Another flawed “analysis”

    Dear Editor: In June, I took you to task for printing the sycophantic nonsense of Phil Grant’s support of the Trump administration without giving a countervailing opinion an equal amount of the paper’s “real estate.” I suggested Roger Bowen as a possible qualified candidate for that role. Thus I was gratified to see Bowen and

  • Lighthouse cover a trip down memory lane

    Dear Editor:   What a pleasant surprise to see your “Out & About” supplement for August 2019 in The Ellsworth American because the featured lighthouse on the cover appears to be the old Prospect Harbor Light. If it is, there are many family connections because my uncle was the keeper and he and my aunt

  • Proposal would protect character of Hancock

    Dear Editor: There is a proposal before the Hancock Planning Board to ban the landing of passengers on any public or private pier wharf or dock from any ship, boat or watercraft carrying 50 or more passengers for hire with overnight accommodations. One has to wonder: why in the world is this necessary? Who would

  • In-flight fueling

    In-flight fueling

    In the Right Place Editor’s Note: Brooklin author/photographer Richard J. Leighton creates the popular “In the Right Place” posts online about life and nature in Maine. He will share a post the second Thursday of each month in The Ellsworth American. By Richard Leighton What has the appearance of a hawk, the movements of a

  • Franklin News of Neighbors

    Jenna Shorey Correspondent The Franklin Library is hosting a Moon-Stock night on Thursday, Aug. 15. Come celebrate the 50th anniversary of landing on the moon and Woodstock. Music and a $2 BBQ will be among the festivities running from 5-8 p.m. Don’t forget to dress up as a hippie or an astronaut!   The Franklin

  • Dark victory

    Dear Editor: Two and a half years ago, with a well-planned appearance on a Trump Tower escalator, Trump opened his vitriolic white supremacist-style presidential campaign, railing against “rapists and murderers” from south of the border. His campaign was subsequently given the help of a long string of questionable characters, including Roger Stone, George Papadopoulos, Paul

  • Maine’s generosity

    Dear Editor: I was incredulous when Governor Mills stated “We’re all in this together” regarding the provision of lodging and other comfort needs to the recent wave of so-called asylum-seekers. Moreover, the televised and print media broadcast statements by the Portland mayor, regarding not only a warm welcome, but extended plans for these new migrants

  • Collins faces an important choice

    Dear Editor: Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker wrote “Republicans and evangelical Christians who fail to condemn this president’s use of the pulpit to employ and incite abusive language … can be presumed to concur and, therefore, to be complicit in whatever violence follows.” (Bangor Daily News, July 24) This link includes a map, showing documented

  • A tribute to “Coach”

    By Buddy Wood Playing high school sports is one of the biggest thrills and learning experiences any teenage athlete can enjoy during his or her lifetime. Wearing the school colors, emblazoned with the school’s mascot into battle against rival schools evokes feelings that are hard to duplicate in any other setting. The excitement generated via