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  • Honoring America’s fallen service members

    By Sen. Angus King On a hot July day in 1863, the soldiers of the 20th Maine Volunteer Regiment stood atop Little Round Top in Gettysburg, Pa., faced with sharp cannonade and vigorous infantry assault. As the day grew long, their ammunition dwindled, but under the leadership of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, they mustered the courage

  • Stark lines drawn on life and death

    Dear Editor: The pulse of life. Heroic emergency workers will fight to try and save it. Medical advancements are made in a desperate search to heal and prolong its energy. Expectant parents rejoice to hear its sound throbbing in the womb. Those same parents may have to hope, in an anguished expectation, that a talented

  • Internet safety smarts

    Dear Editor: The average American household has five connected devices, according to the Pew Research Center ( This includes those served by a nationwide wireless network like the one in Maine. June is Internet Safety Month and U.S. Cellular is reminding consumers who use these devices to put proper safeguards in place to protect themselves

  • What would Rumi do?

    Dear Editor: “Spiritual arrogance is the ugliest of all things.” — Rumi I believe if Jelaluddin Rumi were alive today that he would have some words to say to people who use their religion as a reason (or excuse) to express hate for anyone who was different. Many of us are different. Some of us

  • A short-sighted and unfortunate plan

    Dear Editor: It was a shock to learn that our adopted town of Gouldsboro will have a “dump the police department” referendum on the town ballot in June. What a short-sighted and unfortunate plan! Having police protection (more immediate and thorough than dependence on a Sheriff’s Office) makes Gouldsboro stand out as a well-functioning and

  • Balloon release ban will protect wildlife

    Dear Editor: Maine’s proposed ban on releasing helium balloons would help keep the state beautiful and protect wildlife. Balloon releases — which sometimes take place at weddings, graduations, memorials and other events — send hundreds or thousands of balloons up into the atmosphere. But when deflated balloons return to Earth, they wreak havoc. Animals often

  • Madness not limited to D.C.

    Dear Editor: Think all the madness is only happening in Washington? Think again. Consider for example that darling of the Ellsworth-Bar Harbor economy — The Jackson Lab — that has recently gone out of its way to hire an out-of-state contractor for its meal services. This, after 13 years of widely appreciated, loyal, quality service

  • Bill a boost for solar energy consumers

    Dear Editor: Ever-increasing electricity rates for commercial and municipal consumers are holding back economic growth. For Maine businesses to thrive, we need to have a competitive energy marketplace to keep rates down. I have worked in the solar energy industry for a decade, and I know that because of how most medium-sized commercial ratepayers are

  • A cause worth fighting for

    Dear Editor: I am writing to voice support for LD 1323, An Act to Revise the Laws Regarding the Public Trust in Intertidal Lands, currently under consideration by the Maine Legislature. I support this act for both philosophical and economic reasons. The Public Trust Doctrine holds that certain natural resources such as navigable waters are

  • Integrity of presidential elections under attack

    By Rep. Billy Bob Faulkingham The nationwide “National Popular Vote” movement is a knee-jerk reaction to the 2016 election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. It is being pushed in Maine as LD 816, “An Act To Implement the National Popular Vote for President of the United States.” LD 816 proposes to adopt an interstate

  • Saber-rattling over Iran

    By Tom H. Hastings Trump is blustering at Iran and to the world that we might just need to crush that pipsqueak terror country. Um … it took nine years to invade, occupy and finally limp out of Iraq, 288,000 Iraqi and American deaths later. Iraq is a third the population of Iran. War there

  • Explaining my ethanol veto override vote

    Dear Editor: In her column last week, Jill Goldthwait discussed the activities in Augusta in an informative piece about transportation infrastructure and referenced the Governor’s first veto, which was sustained by the Legislature. The legislation vetoed would have banned the sale of gasoline with more than 10 percent ethanol. This legislation was supported by the