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  • The next step in our democracy

    By Roger Bowen For the better part of the last decade a plurality of voters nationally, over 40 percent, have self-identified as non-aligned voters — independents. Maine’s voting public reflects a similar trend, yet only the two major political parties — Republicans and Democrats — are able to nominate candidates for office. LD 211, “An

  • Non-citizen welfare shortchanges Maine seniors

    By Rep. Lawrence Lockman Some days at the Statehouse, I have to shake my head in disbelief at the avalanche of hideous legislation landing on our desks. One of the worst bills so far this session is a proposal from Rep. Drew Gattine to provide welfare benefits to non-citizens. Gattine’s bill would give non-citizens free

  • Mother’s Day at Hills House

    By Barbara Norrie Mothers come in a multitude of varieties. Motherhood means, for the average mom, dealing with a plethora of crises on a daily basis on a good day. If you add to that the disease of addiction, and the extra struggles that go along with that, it ends up being unmanageable for most,

  • Our daily choices matter

    Dear Editor, As a cosponsor of the bill to ban single-use plastic carry-out bags, I appreciate the thorough article in last week’s paper. I’m sure the community members who I joined last weekend in cleaning up Ellsworth roadsides and beautiful Card Brook would attest to the truth of the article’s statement that many plastic bags

  • Some well-deserved recognition

    Dear Editor: Thanks for your article on Gouldsboro! I write to encourage readers to cut it out and mail it to Maine’s Tourism Association. The address is 327 Water St., Hallowell, ME 04347. Its publications and the brochures it exhibits at the state’s tourist information centers consistently ignore not only our town, but the scenic

  • Thanks, Mr. $3.5M

    Dear Editor: Far from refuting the basic facts, Mr. [Roy] Gott confirms that the student enrollment numbers that govern the proposed Sumner 6-12 were arbitrary [“About those Sumner numbers,” April 18]. I am happy that Mr. Gott chose to write The American because he clearly shows what opponents of this plan have been saying all

  • An act of “intertidal robbery”?

    Dear Editor: Nearly 20 years ago, June Eaton persuaded a bunch of us in Brooklin to address the town’s access to Center Harbor going back to its original taking while still a part of Sedgwick. It took 14 years to satisfactorily resolve the matter, and I became quite familiar with intertidal property law in Maine

  • The robins return

    Dear Editor:   My husband, Philip R. Leonard, who is now deceased, wrote this poem. It would cheer me up and hopefully others if you would print this.   Welcome Back Welcome back red-breasted friend. I’ve thought about you now and then. How you pulled worms out of my lawn. The snow piled high while

  • The pivotal role of profits

    By Phil Grant Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continuously bashes capitalism and associated profit-making as evil — sources of greed, inequality and unfairness in our socioeconomic system. Obviously she doesn’t understand profits or the very positive role they play in a dynamic, advancing increasing-standard-of-living economic community. Socialists, in general, have never understood or appreciated how the profit

  • Walmart’s assertion doesn’t hold up

    Dear Editor: Walmart’s assertion that its massive Ellsworth box store should have a property tax assessment of zero dollars is absurd on its face. Its contention is that the building would be worth nothing if Walmart closed. Really? Look across the highway at what used to be Lowe’s. Tom Walsh Gouldsboro

  • With heartfelt thanks

    Dear Editor: I would like to take a moment to thank my family, friends, employers, co-workers, caregivers and those whom I have never met for all of the love, support, prayers, well wishes, gifts, cards, monetary gifts, rides and the numerous fundraisers that have been done for me. I would also like to give a

  • Pardon me, doctor

    Dear Editor:   I was a young nurse working on an intensive care unit when I cut this piece out of a magazine. It still makes sense to me.   Time to Go Pardon me, doctor, but may I die? I know your oath requires you to try to keep me alive. So long as