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  • Don’t blame the messenger for opioid crisis

    Dear Editor: I love it when there are simple solutions to simple problems, but when it comes to the world of pharmaceuticals, things become quickly complicated, with not a simple solution to anything. Prescribed medication and treatments have saved my life, and a few times pain relievers were necessary to aid my recovery. How to

  • Conclusions are logical and accurate

    Dear Editor: This is in reference to Mr. [Phil] Neal’s letter to The Ellsworth American of Aug. 22 [“Misleading conclusions on the state of the economy under Trump”]. Thank you, Mr. Neal, for acknowledging that my data, or stated facts, are indeed accurate, or true. Other writers and readers have not bothered to verify my

  • Maine needs Greenpeace

    Dear Editor: Just lately an oil company has been OK’d to put oil tanks in an area that slopes downhill. I called the DEP to ask them if that oil leaked would it flow uphill. Evidently this oil must contain a remarkable property. I did also ask them who is responsible for making their DEP

  • Another memorable summer in Bucksport

    Dear Editor: We concluded the 2019 Wednesday On Main season last week the same way we began … with a crowd of happy people enjoying fun, music and fellowship in a great downtown Bucksport space. It’s been a wonderful summer, showcasing exceptionally talented players and singers. Puppeteers filled The Alamo with joyous children’s laughter. We

  • Putting salaries in perspective

    Dear Editor: As pointed out in The American’s series on teacher salaries, state law will soon set a minimum salary for starting teachers of $40,000. For poorer districts this may create some hardship; for richer districts less so. We should think about how to address this. More immediately, this discussion of minimum salaries places in

  • The best book I’ve ever read about Maine

    I’ve read a lot about Maine, but the book that taught me most about the state is “Liberty Men and Great Proprietors: The Revolutionary Settlement on the Maine Frontier, 1760-1820.” It was written by Alan Taylor, a prominent historian of early America and the Thomas Jefferson Professor at the University of Virginia, with two Pulitzers

  • Thoughts on the 50th anniversary of Stonewall

    All the publicity about the recent 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising in New York reminds me of marching in the 25th anniversary of this event in 1994. The march drew 1 million people. The huge lions in front of the venerable library were draped with gay flags. Older and slower now, I missed this

  • Another four years of Trump will be a disaster

    Dear Editor: If Trump becomes president for another four years, he’ll have no re-election to worry about. Just imagine what Trump would do to our country, democracy, the world itself. Looking at his narcissistic behavior now, just think of what he’ll do. I have zero respect for this man and never will. He’s broken more

  • Trump’s got to go

    Dear Editor: To say Hitler alone created the chaos of the Second World War would be a misnomer. I suspect most of the white people of 1930s Germany were ready to blame anything and anybody but themselves for all their problems. Hitler preyed upon their frustrations; he manipulated their anger to make Germany great again.

  • Whale story has bias

    Dear Editor: I am writing to you to address concerns I have regarding the recent (Aug. 15) news article “Lobstermen: rules threaten way of life” by Stephen Rappaport. Unfortunately, the reporter seems confused about the intent of the NMFS scoping hearing he was attending and reporting on. The article states, “The rules would require a

  • Time to round up Roundup

    Dear Editor: On Aug. 5 and 7, Home Depot and Lowe’s, respectively, were hit with proposed class action lawsuits in California federal court over sales of the Bayer (formerly Monsanto) weed killer Roundup. Roundup contains glyphosate, a probable carcinogen, according to a report issued in 2015 by International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an

  • Pre-existing conditions and lifetime caps

    Dear Editor: It appalls me that Sen. Collins has once again sided with Big Pharma, Big Insurance and Big Trump over the interests of all Mainers. Allowing an insurer to claim your disease is due to a “pre-existing condition” is the ultimate fraud. Breast and other cancers do not just come calling your name one