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  • Gideon for checks and balances

    Dear Editor: The Constitution of the United States divides the federal government into three branches to make sure no individual or group will have too much power. I am appalled that the United States Senate has abdicated its role as the legislative branch. Sen. Susan Collins and her collaborators in the Senate majority have given

  • Freedom of expression

    Dear Editor: Re: the published letter in your June 18 edition from Barbara Presson [“Confronting racism”], it’s comforting to know that we live in a country with a Constitution/Bill of Rights that permits all citizens to publicly state their opinions. Ron Fortier Ellsworth

  • Businesses need guidance

    Dear Editor: From a business perspective, these are extremely difficult times, and I believe that the business community needs specific direction(s) from the Governor going forward. Administrative regulations were implemented that initially may have made sense but were detrimental to most businesses, yet businesses accepted the Governor’s decision. After three-plus months, and the flattening of

  • A wise choice

    Dear Editor: City Hall has gotten it right by hiring Glenn Moshier as the chief of police. I’m not somebody who is usually a big fan of anyone in law enforcement. But over the last couple of years having to deal with Glenn and knowing just how much I have personally put him through, mostly

  • A vicious spiral begins

    Dear Editor: I am dismayed at the size of the proposed cuts to the Ellsworth Library budget. Since learning of them, I keep asking myself why the City Council is intent on dismantling a community resource. It is true that COVID-19 has put a hole in the city budget. However, funding for the library is

  • A simple solution to library furor

    Dear Editor: I don’t understand what all the excitement relating to the library budget cuts is about. The good people of Ellsworth elected city officials and those city officials are making decisions appropriate to their perceived voter base. To preserve the functioning of the library, it’s necessary to choose library-friendly candidates at the ballot box.

  • A big thank you from Hinckley

    Dear Editor: Nothing but praise and appreciation for MDI’s first responders! On Saturday, June 6, one of our buildings at the Hinckley Yachts Southwest Harbor boatyard was struck by lightning. For more than 92 years, our company has been a proud member of the MDI community, and I cannot imagine any worst possible disaster scenario

  • A crisis of leadership

    Dear Editor: A leader of a democratic government has the responsibility to bring together its citizens in times of national crisis. President Trump’s lack of cohesive leadership in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic has had unfortunate consequences for the people of the United States. The Chinese government’s knowledge of COVID-19 dates back to October

  • Don’t throw away your vote

    Dear Editor: So you got your ballot in the mail, now what? The best electorate is an informed electorate. With the internet, it’s now relatively easy to find information about all of the candidates and not only read their official planks, but also learn about what they have already accomplished and to see and hear

  • Watch your bird feeders

    Dear Editor: If you have bears, do not leave your bird feeder outside overnight. Bears are hungry. They will do anything to get to the bird feeder. They will eat all the bird food in it. So please, bring your bird feeders in at night. Oakley Frey Fletchers Landing Township

  • Fanning the flames

    Dear Editor: Suddenly, in the midst of a demonstration in Lafayette Square against the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, William Barr ordered the police to clear out the peaceful protesters with rubber bullets and canisters of red pepper spray. Police in riot gear forcibly shoved clergy, parishioners and members of the Black Lives

  • Thoughts on Trump visit, RCV

    Dear Editor: I would like to comment on two items I read in the June 11 American. One was in Jill Goldthwait’s column concerning President Trump’s visit to Maine. She states that the President didn’t invite Governor Mills to meet with him during his visit, but she fails to say that at Governor Mills’ press