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  • Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown

    By Todd R. Nelson The final line of James Comey’s recent op-ed in The New York Times made clear that we are living in a rhetorical realm in which only the big guns of the literary canon will suffice for perspective. In “How Trump co-opts leaders like Bill Barr,” the former director of the FBI

  • Kindness does make a difference

    Dear Editor: Several weeks ago, as I was driving home from work, I hit a deer. The woman behind me stopped to see if I was OK and offered to stay with me until help arrived. A gentleman in a truck also stopped and removed the deer from the roadway. I failed to get the

  • Put people before profits

    Dear Editor: Dr. [Phil] Grant’s commentary on the pivotal role of profits [“Do not dismiss the pivotal role of profits,” May 2] painstakingly delineates the beneficial role of profits in our capitalistic society. Unfortunately there is nary a word about any of the negative consequences of the unbridled pursuit of profit. Yes, profit potential motivates

  • A heartwarming sight

    Dear Editor: When I started writing this letter, my focus was on the dismal happenings in Washington. This changed after I went to Dunkin’ Donuts at Walmart. An elderly man was falling off a high chair. A man hurried to him and prevented his fall. Another man helped set him erect. This was a simple

  • Wary of aquaculture industry’s future

    Dear Editor: I believe that aquaculture is not only a great idea but that probably it is a necessity if the world’s burgeoning population’s food demands are to be met. My big concern is that the industry will become like “big agra.” That is, feed lot beef that is full of chemicals, mass-produced chicken full

  • New Deal socialism nothing to fear

    Dear Editor: Phil Grant can relax. The socialism that he attacks in his recent op-ed [“Do not dismiss the pivotal role of profits, May 2] is not the socialism of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Bernie Sanders. It is not the socialism of the progressive left. For this brand of socialism, forget Lenin or Castro. Go instead

  • A disappointing vote on vaccinations

    Dear Editor: This letter is addressed to Sen. Louie Luchini. Dear Sen. Luchini: As your constituent, I am terribly disappointed in your vote favoring the amendment to LD 798. I am a senior citizen, and I remember well the horrors of measles — people dying or blinded, my fevered little sister lying in a darkened

  • The capitalist folly of magical thinking

    Dear Editor: When Mr. [Phil] Grant [“Do not dismiss the pivotal role of profits,” May 2] talks of profits, he is referring to his support of capitalism. More precisely, the brand of capitalism now practiced in the United States and many developed countries. Let’s look at just one disastrous result of the profit motive Mr.

  • A turning point for Trenton

    Dear Editor: This spring I am running for the Trenton Board of Selectmen. It would be my great honor to serve our town in this office. As we all know, Trenton and our local communities face significant challenges now, and we will face larger ones in the future. This is not unique to Trenton, or

  • Unrestrained capitalism a dangerous concept

    Dear Editor: Phil Grant does all Democrats a disservice when he broadly paints us with the socialist brush [“Do not dismiss the pivotal role of profits,” May 2]. This, of course, will be the Republican strategy during the 2020 elections — bring AOC (Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) into the picture at every juncture. And yes, we

  • A true loss for Ellsworth

    Dear Editor: Heart of Ellsworth would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the entire Sinclair family and Sinclair Builders Inc. The loss of Jacob Sinclair has left a huge hole in our community. “Jake” was extremely generous with his time and resources during our first four years — instrumental in our event planning and