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  • A leash for the lobbyists

    Dear Editor: I hope people will support LD 54, a bill to regulate lobbyist money going to our officials in Augusta. I recall a family spat in the ’70s. My chemist brother said if he discovered something of market potential but negative or unknown environmental impact then he would bury it. My administrator cousin threatened

  • City Council not honoring its commitment to firehouse

    Dear Editor: Thursday night, members of the Ellsworth Appeals Board denied the demolition appeal for the Ticonic Firehouse/Ellsworth Falls Community Building. They had no choice. The issuance of the permit was not in violation of the Ellsworth Unified City Ordinances. This building has significant historic interest to the city. It is the only 19th century

  • Why cursive writing?

    Why cursive writing?

    By Rep. Heidi H. Sampson Why has cursive writing been relegated to the trash heap of outdated, insignificant and inconsequential practices? Could we have tossed out a critical link to effective and productive learning for our children? Have we been duped into eliminating a practice whereby our children would be allowed to fully develop their

  • Doctor happy to be back in Maine

    Dear Editor: Having practiced family medicine and emergency medicine in Hancock County for the past 26 years, former patients I encounter in the vegetable aisle of local grocery store typically ask me, “How is retirement going?” “Ahhh, such a statement is far from true,” I answer. I have just completed a very interesting hiatus in

  • Hard work pays off for Pats

    Dear Editor: Some people hate the New England Patriots, and some love them. Either way, this relentless dynasty has something to teach us about life and hard work. As many of you know, on Sunday, the third day of February, 2019, the Patriots captured their sixth NFL title, their third in the past five seasons,

  • Keep Ellsworth moving forward

    Dear Editor: The members of the Ellsworth Green Plan Steering Committee want to sincerely thank Michele Gagnon for her 17 years of dedicated service to the residents of Ellsworth. Ms. Gagnon helped Ellsworth make tremendous gains: a forward-looking Comprehensive Plan; storm water improvements that also make the city more climate-resilient; a new Knowlton Park and

  • Keep the primary system as is

    Dear Editor: I was stunned to read your editorial in your Jan. 31 issue. Open primaries protect the two-party system’s dominance in the election process. It encourages negative campaigning trying to destroy opponents. Open primaries almost guarantee only a plurality winner and not a majority winner, and at lower percentages required to win than we

  • More voices equals better democracy

    Dear Editor: We were honored to represent Hancock County in the Maine Senate from 2002-2018. Neither one of us could have been elected without strong support from those citizens who are not enrolled in any party. While no longer in office, we feel it is important to speak out in support of efforts that would

  • RCV has a real credibility problem

    Dear Editor: In the past election there were phrases I found interesting, like “one person one vote,” “you need to have 50 percent or more of the vote to win,” and later Matt Dunlap said “that there would be total transparency in the ranked choice voting process.” Bruce Poliquin also said that “RCV was unconstitutional

  • MDI boys take 1st, Eagles place 2nd at Class B swim championships

    MDI boys take 1st, Eagles place 2nd at Class B swim championships

    By Glenn Jordan Portland Press Herald ORONO — One week after falling to Ellsworth in the conference meet in the same pool, Mount Desert Island turned the tables Saturday with a convincing victory in the Class B boys’ swimming and diving state championships at the University of Maine. Led by two individual victories and a