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  • American mindset is changing for the worse

    A recent survey done by The Wall Street Journal and NBC revealed some very disheartening statistics regarding our millennial generation. They apparently lack an understanding of our history and it is exhibited in their values or in the lack of them. Let me explain the outlook of two age groups and a perspective of their

  • Bonds or borrowing

    Governor Mills called a special session last month to consider bond issues. The four bond proposals she submitted were largely a rework of a single $239-million package that we considered last June. Bonds approved by the Legislature would then be considered by voters in November, with voter-approved bonds to be sold in June of 2020.

  • Sullivan steps up

    Dear Editor: What a good story it is about Sullivan residents rescuing hungry caterpillars! My family has been doing the same in Hancock. We should all do whatever we can to help endangered species to survive, from the least to the largest. This would include right whales. Martha D. Trowbridge New York, N.Y.

  • Youth sailing is more accessible than you think

    Dear Editor: As parents of KSEA sailors in Blue Hill, we found the article on our friend Caroline Atwood [“Blue Hill sailor moves from Optis toward the Olympics,” Aug. 29] remarkable. She is a profound example of the kind of lifetime dedication that being an Olympic sailor demands. People of the area should know that

  • The far left’s plans, from A to Z

    Dear Editor: One has to wonder what the far left has left, if anything, in their opposition to Donald Trump. Plan A. Collude with Hillary, GPS and the Russians to win the election. Plan B. Sway the Electoral College votes. Plan C. Nullify the election by framing Trump with Russian collusion. Plan D. Have the

  • Electric bike order is ill-conceived

    Dear Editor: I am a 73-year-old woman and own and love an electric bike. I read with concern, however, about President Trump’s new administrative order that may open trails used by regular bikes to electric bikes in our national parks and public lands. Recently, my daughter and I and my 22-month-old granddaughter were enjoying a

  • Parents not getting the whole truth from Blue Hill Y

    Dear Editor: I am a parent of one of the Blue Hill Y’s preschoolers. The Aug. 29 online article “Y’s Blue Hill child care program to close” contained some misleading claims. The letter we received from Peter Farragher said the Blue Hill Y’s preschool was in financial deficit. In the article, Farragher said the program

  • Branch Lake roads deserve priority

    Dear Editor: I am responding to the recent article on the city setting priorities on roads [“City sets roadwork priorities,” Aug. 29]. One major point that was missed, and that much of the public might not be aware of, is that Branch Lake is different from other water bodies in that it is the city

  • The first journey

    The first journey

    Editor’s note: Brooklin author/photographer Richard J. Leighton creates the popular “In the Right Place” posts online about life and nature in Maine. He will share a post the second Thursday of each month in The Ellsworth American. By Richard Leighton We’re experiencing something akin to having a youngster leave home on the journey to adulthood

  • On lawns, lobsters and wild strawberries

    I was on my hands and knees in the dirt with a trowel in my hand when it happened. While upending newly sprouted weeds with unknown names in the flower garden bed, I looked beside me at the lawn just out of its winter torpor. All at once, I saw what I’d never seen before: