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  • Join the adventure with SAFA

    Dear Editor: On Sunday, Aug. 12, under the tent at the SAFA Schoolhouse on Harbor Road in Winter Harbor, over 100 people gathered to mark the 20th anniversary of Schoodic Arts for All. The outpouring of specialty donated foods from local eateries and the musical offerings of local musicians all contributed to the festivities. Bringing

  • Impressive credentials

    Dear Editor: I’ve only known Kylie Bragdon only a few years, but I’m very impressed in her achievements and her aspirations. She’s only 28 years old and she has her Ph.D. in mathematics, is a selectman in the town of Winter Harbor and is a lobsterwoman on her dad’s lobster boat. Some folks say I’m

  • Golden will fight for Maine and America

    Dear Editor: We need a representative in Washington who will fight for the interests of the Second District. Unfortunately, Congressman Bruce Poliquin has demonstrated time and again his unwillingness to even face the voters of the Second District (at one time even ducking into a bathroom to avoid them). Jared Golden offers a better alternative.

  • Bunker deserves your support

    Dear Editor: I have known Franklin resident Doug Bunker, House seat candidate for District 137, for 11 years. In those years we have interacted often, both socially and at meetings of mutual interest. In my 77 years I have written hundreds of letters of recommendation for students seeking a degree in education. For those I

  • A word of thanks

    Dear Editor: This is a shout-out of thanks to the fellows who bailed us out on the Schoodic Peninsula this past week. We had taken a drive down Grindstone Road to look at some of the houses. We turned onto a dirt road thinking to loop around and head back to town. When we turned

  • Don’t miss this Golden opportunity

    Dear Editor: Our representative to Congress thinks that the people who do the most difficult patient-centered work in nursing homes are overpaid. In today’s Ellsworth American (Aug. 16, 2018) he named increases in the minimum wage as a factor in why nursing homes are having a hard time financially. Hum. Blame the lowest paid workers