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  • More on Lamoine’s hydrologic gamble

    Dear Editor: Thank you for publishing my commentary “Lamoine’s hydrologic gamble” in The Ellsworth American of Dec. 20, despite its length. Because of space constraints, I refrained from technical details, especially when dealing with the negative impacts on groundwater quality by removing the hill, i.e. Cousins’ Hill. One such detail, apart from the removal of

  • Another great year at Woodlawn

    Dear Editor: Today we close the Black House for the winter after another joyous Christmas at Woodlawn. On behalf of our trustees and staff, I would like to publicly thank the many people who worked with us to make this community event an extra special one this year. Our annual custom of inviting the business

  • Winter Flats

    Dear Editor:   Sucking mud- Crackling ice- Gritty sand protests As cold stabbing steel teeth Reluctantly reveals a hard won Winter harvest.   Steamed glasses- Numb toes- Tingling fingers in snot Backed gloves- Bills to pay.   Early morning visions of Summer’s warmth- Blown and iced over- Only these cold flats Of winter, Seeping into

  • Looking the other way no longer an option

    Dear Editor: An open letter to Sen. Susan Collins: Over the past two years, our country has witnessed the executive branch of our government launch an assault on the independence of our Justice Department, alienate our allies, trample our constitutional norms, make truth and honor a thing of the past and reduce the White House

  • Marketing plan to pitch Maine’s soft-shell lobsters

    Marketing plan to pitch Maine’s soft-shell lobsters

    By Penelope Overton Portland Press Herald PORTLAND — A state-funded marketing council is expanding its new-shell lobster crusade to focus on courting the fishmongers who sell seafood, not just the chefs who cook it. The Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative plans to appoint a celebrity spokesman, submit a trademark application and create a seasonal calendar to

  • The political landscape ahead

    By Lee H. Hamilton In the days following George H. W. Bush’s death, it was impossible to ignore the mood that settled over much of the country: a yearning for the civility, dignity and inclusiveness that the former president represented. It was a form of bipartisan nostalgia for a time when the nation seemed to

  • Midterm progress report

    By Roger Bowen Trump must be, or should be, embarrassed by the draining of the very swamp that he himself created by giving scoundrels higher-level appointments in his administration. Veterans Affairs head David Shulkin, EPA head Scott Pruitt, National Security Adviser No. 1 Michael Flynn and HHS Secretary Tom Price all had to give up

  • Bush and the Persian Gulf War

    By Hank Davis The death of George H.W. Bush calls up memories of the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Pundits celebrate Bush’s diplomatic genius and recall how hard he worked to remove the Iraqi military from Kuwait by peaceful means. Saddam Hussein would not budge and Bush in the end had no alternative but use force.

  • Choices that matter

    By Gail Vencill Olive was a born and bred Mainer, growing up in a small town, marrying and raising her family there. She was a storyteller, and she was a story herself. Daily life provided enough stories for a book, which never got written, and her quick wit produced many a saying, repeated by herself

  • Unfair reporting

    Dear Editor: Your report on the sentencing of Jerome Humery was unfair and unbalanced. You devoted seven paragraphs to the prosecution and a single sentence to the defense. An alert editor would have caught this obvious error. The many supporters of the defendant were mentioned but not their eloquent and heartfelt statements. This was the