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  • A full-blown catastrophe

    Dear Editor: Last Friday, the Washington Post published a chilling online report detailing where prescription pain medication was distributed in every county in the United States from 2006-2012. Included in the report is a function that allows one to select any county and see the stores in which these pills were sold and the quantity

  • A time to champion climate science

    By Tony Ferrara and Rob Shetterly   For many years Americans have allowed the health of our air, water and land to be compromised for the supposed good of jobs and corporate profit. Even when Rachel Carson demonstrated in the 1960s that agricultural pesticides endangered the existence of many bird species, people did not get fully

  • A smorgasbord of thanks for Taste of Ellsworth

    Dear Editor: The skies cleared, the music played and the restaurants outdid themselves for a sellout crowd at this year’s Taste of Ellsworth. Held in the center of our downtown on Saturday, June 29, five hundred people ranging in age from 6 months to 90 years experienced this community-wide event. A huge thank you goes

  • Kudos to Hancock County firefighters

    Dear Editor: All across the state of Maine and throughout our country, parades are held as a part of the annual celebrations of the Fourth of July. No parade is complete without the participation of fire engines and firefighters. Many of us in Hancock County last week cheered from the sidewalks lining local parade routes

  • A new normal for Portland?

    By Jonette Christian Asylum applicants are pouring into Portland. Traveling through Africa and South America, they bypass safe countries, like Panama and Costa Rica, heading for Portland. Why Portland? Portland has a unique program for asylum seekers, providing rental payments to landlords, legal aid etc., described by The New York Times as “the only fund

  • A unique outdoor opportunity in our backyard

    Dear Editor: Just 33 miles from downtown Bucksport there is an often missed treasure that few places in Maine can rival. Around 1901, because of its deep water near shore and its proximity to shipping lanes to Europe, the U.S. Navy chose Lamoine as the site for a coaling station for its ships. Construction of

  • Open Door has been a labor of love

    By Barbara Royal I believe love, compassion and truth provide the best opportunity for healing all wounds. Open Door Recovery Center’s mission never excluded anyone from receiving services, regardless of their ability to pay. Since Bill Hills founded Open Door in 1984, we have given hundreds of thousands worth of services to those with no

  • Might makes right

    Dear Editor, Over the next few months, debate will intensify over whether Congress should have a role in approving the use of military force against Iran. Lost in the debate will be an equally vital consideration: international law. Even if Congress authorizes an attack, the action would in all likelihood still be unlawful. Striking Iran

  • Keep Fido safe this summer

    Dear Editor: Dead pet!? Not this time, thank god! It was a hot summer day in a hot parking lot. The owner of the parked, closed-up-tight and locked car came back, opened the car and said, “I left the car running and the air conditioner on! I don’t know what happened!” Word to pet owners:

  • Hospice partners with community

    Dear Editor: Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County (HVHC) is pleased to participate as a member of the Choices That Matter program, as well as the Age-Friendly Coastal Communities coalition and its predecessor, Thriving in Place, all community collaboratives coordinated by representatives of Healthy Peninsula. These programs reflect a basic value on which Hospice Volunteers of

  • Open Silver Lake to swimming

    Dear Editor: As a longtime friend of the Craig Pond beach area, I have been following the Bucksport pool story with concern. Craig Pond beach is already used at capacity in the summer, and adding a larger population of users from Bucksport’s municipal recreational swimming program is bound to affect the water quality and character of