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  • A cry for help

    Dear Editor: HELP!!   The children are marching. The children are speaking. The children are crying out for their future. For their air … their water. …the earth from which they gain sustenance.   The children are pleading. The children are challenging all of us who have the power they do not have. Are humans

  • Some thoughts on equal admissions

    Dear Editor: The news of colleges preferring students whose parents are “generous” again shows us that while our hallowed documents declare all to be created equal, some quickly become more equal than others. However, regardless of privilege or deficits the newborn will all too soon have a change of address to the cemetery. Among cold

  • Bring on the comics

    Dear Editor: I am a 10-year-old boy. My mother and father receive your paper. I think that kids should enjoy the paper too. So I believe that it would be appropriate for The Ellsworth American to add a comic section to the paper. Joseph W. Wadman Ellsworth

  • Steve Lane was truly head of the class

    Dear Editor: I’m sure I’m not the only person who doesn’t have to think for a second when asked who their favorite teacher of all time is. I’m also sure I’m not the only person who immediately names Steve Lane. I had Steve Lane as a teacher in the Sullivan Grammar School and moved with

  • A sensible solution on primaries

    Dear Editor: I have seen several commentaries recently on how best to reform Maine’s primary election system. At present, voters may vote in a primary only if they are enrolled in a political party; a voter may only vote in the primary of the party in which he or she is enrolled. If a voter

  • Red flag bills save lives

    Dear Editor: Isn’t it about time we started start supporting law enforcement and the families of those at risk? Families and law enforcement are often the first to recognize threats and risks of harm. All too often, family members and law enforcement are faced with situations where they see warning signs and know “troubles a-brewing.”

  • It took a village

    Dear Editor: Recently, teams of doctors at Eastern Maine Medical Center saved my life. It was a difficult operation, short of a miracle. After this, I was transferred to Northern Light Blue Hill Hospital (swing bed program). While there, health care workers and staff provided outstanding expertise, work ethic and pride in a job well

  • Doing the right thing on the river

    Dear Editor: I thank Mo Lambdin for his commentary in the March 7 issue of The Ellsworth American for bringing to our attention that now is the time to finally do what is right by the sea-run fish trying to make the Union River their home by helping them along their journey. Without adequate upstream