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  • Bagaduce changes a cautionary tale

    By Bundy H. Boit The Bagaduce River, Downeast Maine’s most productive and diverse fishery, is about to be permanently altered to advance the economic interests of a single business, and for the state’s relentless pursuit of aquaculture. It is a cautionary tale for the entire coast of Maine. By next year, an oyster business will

  • Bucksport’s bright future

    Dear Editor: Wednesday on Main’s summer event program soared to new heights this season. We began in our usual way — with loads of laughing children watching the antics of the Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers — and ended by watching a beautiful, slim, young Elvis Presley planning his comeback concert in Las Vegas — the last

  • Tackling food insecurity

    Dear Editor: Maine is the highest state for food insecurity in New England. One out of five children don’t have enough to eat on a daily basis. This is when their brains are developing (affecting future learning and health). To help alleviate some of this is a program called SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). It

  • Awareness of domestic violence is only the first step

    Dear Editor: Another October, another Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Another opportunity to acknowledge the prevalence of domestic violence and abuse, and to shed light on the courage of survivors. As executive director of The Next Step Domestic Violence Project, a nonprofit agency serving Washington and Hancock counties, I am heartened by the willingness of local

  • Give thanks

    Dear Editor: When we were children, my mom would suggest that we all write a poem or prayer of thanksgiving to be read aloud at our family holiday meal. Looking back, I suspect that the “assignment” was, at least in part, designed to keep us out of her hair while dinner preparation was going on.

  • Long-term effects of microplastics

    Dear Editor: A Green Plan presentation by Madelyn Woods, M.S., marine research coordinator, Shaw Institute, made me curious about plastic’s impact on the ocean, humans and our local economy. The presentation showed a mussel ejecting microplastics ingested from Maine waters; the mussel eventually stopped eating. Shaw Institute research (2012) detected microplastics in Blue Hill and

  • Market mayhem

    Dear Editor: I look to the news media to enlighten me, not confuse me. Reading the Oct. 18 article “Minimum-wage hike cited as grocery prices rise,” I learned that, in the last quarter, ground beef increased 7.3 percent and peanut butter 1 percent, but that the rest of the sample groceries — milk bread, butter,

  • Scenic shopping

    Dear Editor: Before the season turns, I wanted to let Ellsworth’s business community know how much pleasure their beautiful landscaping and potted arrangements, as well as the hanging baskets on Main Street, added to the enjoyment of shopping in Ellsworth. I hope the tradition will continue for many years to come. Diane Green Franklin