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  • VW Beetle’s end looms, stirs more memories

    The news of the Volkswagen Beetle’s looming demise stirred Waterville resident Edie McVay King’s memories. The 1963 George Stevens Academy graduate grew up in Surry.   Learning experience By Edie McVay King My father has a VW Beetle, which I called a “Volks Bug,” in the early ’60s. He used it to travel to New

  • U.S. paying for past decisions in Guatemala

    By Nancy Kandutsch The other day, while watching TV news about Guatemalans trying to get across the U.S.-Mexican border, I noticed that at least some, and probably most, of the immigrants are Mayan or mixed indigenous people. These are the very people to whom Guatemala’s President Arbenz Guzman in 1951 to 1954 was in the

  • A question of space at GSA

    Dear Editor: In the Jan. 24 article on the future of Deer Isle-Stonington High School, it was reported that “since GSA is a private school with a competitive admission process it won’t guarantee acceptance of all Deer Isle-Stonington students.” This is somewhat misleading. Though George Stevens Academy is an independent town academy, we do not

  • An exercise in civil discourse

    Dear Editor: Many of us are frustrated with what’s happening (or not happening) in Washington these days. It is not only the polarization and paralysis, but most importantly, the lack of civility in the discourse and unwillingness to listen or attempt to understand before responding. Is it possible that what’s happening in our nation’s capital

  • CMP transmission line is bad for Maine

    Dear Editor: The CMP transmission line has no climate benefits and would harm Maine’s environment. Both the western Maine region that the line would bisect and the Ellsworth area have a strong dependence on recreation and tourism, which all depend on protecting our environment and natural resources. Because of this, I was surprised and disappointed

  • Tax justice and the Democratic prospect

    By John Buell There is surprisingly widespread support for higher taxes on the rich. Americans have typically felt that one should keep what one earns. Many are also convinced that they will one day become rich, hence the popularity of lotteries, which reflect and help sustain that belief. Dean Baker, co-founder of the Center for

  • Looks can be deceiving

    Dear Editor: We are lucky to live in Maine, a place with a beautiful environment that people travel from all over the world to enjoy. But things might not be as clean and healthy as they seem at first glance. At a presentation called “Microplastics in the Gulf of Maine” by Madelyn Woods of the

  • Marching straight into a BuzzFeed

    Dear Editor: The latest journalistic debacle of BuzzFeed proportions has shone the spotlight again on a once revered institution devoid of any integrity. The nation has in many ways become numb to it, even at times accepting this as the new normal. Despite this, the next station in the march of relativism should leave even

  • Please include a magnifying glass

    Dear Editor: Your paper should know that about 80 percent of your readers are over 50 and that 80 percent of people over 50 need glasses to read, yet you have reduced the print size (real estate transfers) to the point that many would need a magnifying glass to read some of your paper. You

  • Preventing left turn fatalities

    Dear Editor: Once again, someone waiting to make a left turn has been killed when their vehicle was struck from behind. This time, tragically, it’s a baby in Waterboro ( A long time ago, my brother-in-law’s car was hit while he was waiting to make a left turn, and I learned from his experience to