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  • Congress must move forward

    Dear Editor: As is typical, our Congress is in constant disarray. It is “sprinkled” with fear mongering on a daily basis. Perhaps Congress should have “time-outs” for poor behavior. Congress is capable of moving past things that divide them. It doesn’t have to be deadlocked on so many issues. We must be vigilant in letting

  • Test for Collins

    Dear Editor: Sen. Susan Collins’ claim to independent thinking is being put to the test. If she truly is not glued to Mitch McConnell and this President, I hope she will demonstrate that. Independent voters in Maine need to see that she is willing to think and act autonomously. The whistleblower’s complaint about the President’s

  • SNAP cuts will hurt

    Dear Editor: With fall and winter quickly approaching, you may feel your stomach growl in anticipation of the delicious meals that accompany the season change. Warm apple pies, hearty stews and vibrant squash are soon to become a staple at your dining room table. Imagine for a moment that you are no longer able to

  • Special interests crush industrial arts

    By Rep. Larry Lockman Why is Maine’s K-12 education establishment so hostile to giving students more and better opportunities to learn a trade? This entrenched opposition to the industrial arts — “shop class” — is hard to understand, given the obvious benefits of having more career options for Maine students. Learning a trade that’s in

  • Climate change is a fact; the question is what can we do?

    By Rep. Nicole Grohoski Last Friday, Sept. 20, people of all ages took to the streets worldwide to call for immediate and significant action to curb our climate change crisis. Right here in Hancock County, we had three climate strikes, including one on the Union River Bridge in Ellsworth. Around 70 people stood together here

  • The wisdom of Washington

    Dear Editor: Our presidential political climate, in the capital, is depressing. I sought someone in this high office who brought uplifting behavior for all in America. I found one. He is among the Founding Fathers, George Washington (1789-1797). There are two examples below that show some of his quotes. He said, “No dread of losing

  • Whale entanglements issue needs further study

    Dear Editor: Having participated in the NOAA Fisheries Draft Environmental Impact Statement scoping meeting in Bourne, Mass., on the Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Team recommendations, I feel that the 2017 Unusual Mortality Event (UME) needs to be explored further, since it includes right, humpback and minke whales. Even though the focus of the Marine

  • Climate action is needed now

    Dear Editor: I was with over 100 in Blue Hill joining millions who marched worldwide for the Climate Strike on Sept. 20. On Sept. 23, Governor Mills spoke at the UN Climate Summit before world leaders. The world’s leading scientists released their United in Science report on Sept 22, outlining the facts: the warmest 5-year

  • House comes through for wildlife

    Dear Editor: The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one of our nation’s most majestic places, home to nearly 200 species of migratory birds that migrate to six continents and all 50 states, including our area of Maine and the Porcupine caribou herd. The refuge’s coastal plain is also critical onshore denning habitat for the world’s

  • Broadband providers should contribute

    Dear Editor: I am writing concerning the article addressing the broadband issue for small businesses [“Broadband deserts discussed at hearing,” Sept. 12]. [Lisa] Hanscom mentioned that it would be a shame to offer businesses high-speed connection but not residents. While I agree that the option should be open to all, if we start with businesses

  • Writer’s observations off the mark

    Dear Editor: In response to the column by Jan Dolcater in the Sept. 12 edition [“American mindset is changing for the worse”]: The author seems to think that it’s the millennials who are destroying America and its values. I stand incredulous. Mr. Dolcater can hardly blame the 20- to 37-year-olds for the current rampant corporate