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  • Franklin News of Neighbors

    The Franklin Baptist Church will be holding its annual yard sale on Saturday, Sept. 20, at 8 a.m. the end of the Grist Mill Road in West Franklin. If you have items to donate, call Kathy at 565-0975 for where to drop them off.

  • On consulting reputable sources

    I’m writing, again, in response to comments by Tom Rolfes of Mount Desert.
    Mr. Rolfes, as he admits, is not an expert in climate science. There’s nothing wrong with that — it’s important that people learn about climate change.

  • Time to return Koffman to Augusta

    Dear Editor: I write to support Ted Koffman’s candidacy for the Maine Senate. Ted and I worked together for many years, going back to my service on the College of the Atlantic Board of Trustees, where Ted was director of governmental affairs. In the ’90s, I joined him on the Maine Environmental Priorities Project, established

  • Malaby consistently impressive

    Dear Editor: Rep. Richard Malaby is a consistently impressive legislator. He serves on one of the toughest committees there is — Health and Human Services — and he is dedicated to learning about the issues and advocating for the truly needy in Maine. The work Rich has done has benefited Maine’s elderly, disabled and other

  • A tragic silence

    Kitty Genovese was stabbed to death on March 13, 1964, outside her New York apartment while 38 people ignored her cries for help. Each of the 38 bystanders to this horrible tragedy, when later interviewed, thought someone else would help Kitty and they did not need to.

  • One clear choice for DA

    Dear Editor: This coming election offers us clear choices in almost every open position. We have the opportunity here in Maine and in Hancock and Washington counties to let our voices be heard and to stand up for what we believe in. Nowhere is there a better and clearer choice than in the race for

  • False promise

    Members of the Legislature’s Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs were to meet this week to consider a recently released study asserting that Maine can sustain one, and perhaps two, new casinos. That finding can’t be regarded as much of a surprise when one considers its source — WhiteSand Gaming, an international consulting firm that

  • Bad science on alewives

    Dear Editors: Last week, outdoors columnist V. Paul Reynolds submitted an article that is a repeat of what he put in other publications. His facts are in error, and his opinion that alewives were not native to the St. Croix is just that, an opinion and not science. In fact, the alewives have played a

  • Better charity options available

    Dear Editor: Your Sept. 11 article about Planet Aid and its yellow collection boxes in our communities left out important information. reports “Planet Aid reports spending 84 percent of its expenses on programs in 2012. CharityWatch’s analysis of Planet Aid’s 2012 tax form and audited financial statements shows the charity spending only 27 percent