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  • The bear facts

    Dear Editor: Everyone in Maine thought they were voting to ban bear hounding, baiting and trapping. Not so! Am I the only one who read what the ballot actually said? It clearly said “or,” not “and.” If the “yes” vote had won, who would have had the authority to decide which one of the three

  • Some context on wind power

    Dear Editor: Thank you for your recent thoughts about windmills and level playing fields. But what is a level playing field? Perhaps, as your Commentary writer said a few weeks ago about the presentation of any single economic fact, providing context would provide perspective, leading to better decisions for us, our children and their grandchildren.

  • Setting a fine example

    Dear Editor: If the children at the Brooksville Elementary School can appreciate, emulate and carry forward throughout their lives, the beauty and magic of Mr. [Todd] Nelson’s writing [“Rolling down ‘toward the two-tongued sea,’” Dec. 4], they will indeed have been well served! Alan “Doug” Scott Castine

  • Gun raffle criticism off target

    Dear Editor: I feel I must reply to the purely anti-gun letter published in last week’s paper that was titled “A questionable fundraiser.” Apparently Mr. [Nick] Humez sees problems with the Downeast tradition of having gun raffles to raise money for nonprofit organizations. Many other organizations besides the Ellsworth Fire Department raise money with gun

  • A helping hand for LePage

    Dear Editor: I read with interest the article on Amy Fried titled “Analyst: GOP won the message race” in the Nov. 27 issue of the EA. Needless to say I am no political science professor, yet I have a couple of thoughts based on what I consistently heard prior to and after the election. There

  • A questionable fundraiser

    Dear Editor: The Ellsworth Fire Department’s planned raffle of a gun a day in May may be a tempting fundraising scheme, but it seems to me uncomfortably analogous to the Police Department trying to raise a bit of cash themselves by raffling off a daily five-gallon can of gasoline and a book of matches. The

  • A perplexing portrait of the President

    Dear Editor: The article by Mr. [Phil] Grant [“America’s transformation under Obama, Nov. 27] is perplexing. That the author of this article felt it necessary to express his anger toward liberals, as well as denigrating the President in so vehement a fashion, indicates a distorted bias that attributes everything negative to the present administration. Mr.

  • A rant from the right

    Dear Editor: The commentary by Phil Grant [“America’s transformation under Obama, Nov. 27] can best be described as a “Rant from the Right.” Every one of Grant’s one-liners cries out for a thoughtful unpacking and rebuttal, however there are so many of them strung together that it would take an entire newspaper to reply. It

  • Political theater at its finest

    Dear Editor: From “The Audacity of Hope” (2006), President  Obama wrote: “The number of immigrants added to the labor force every year is of a magnitude not seen in this country for over a century (and) threatens to depress further the wages of blue collar Americans and put strains on an already overburdened safety net.”