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  • A little history

    Dear Editor: As luck would have it, over the past weekend I stumbled upon Vol. 1, No. 129 of The Ellsworth Daily News dated Feb. 26, 1934 (and costing 2 cents). The following article caught my eye: “One Week from Today” One week from today Ellsworth elects its first City Council, and from the nine

  • Beauty vs. function

    Dear Editor: I have no right to write this letter. I do not live in Ellsworth, do not pay taxes in Ellsworth, and I no longer work in Ellsworth. I do, however, appreciate beauty, and I will use that as my “permission” platform. I read with dismay the article concerning the Ellsworth Library in the

  • A recipe for bad news

    Dear Editor: I agree with the editorial in the Nov. 8 edition, “Relieving pressure on jails.” The best way to reduce crime is to stop arresting and jailing so many people. The problem with the editorial is that it’s plagiarized. The Portland Press Herald and Kennebec Journal did a very similar editorial about a week

  • In the Right Place

    In the Right Place

    Editor’s note: Brooklin author/photographer Richard J. Leighton creates the popular “In the Right Place” posts online about life and nature in Maine. He shares a post the second Thursday of each month in The Ellsworth American. Get real about Thanksgiving By Richard Leighton We have it on good authority that the quizzical look on the

  • Encroaching oligarchy

    To the Editor: For far too long Americans have conflated democracy and capitalism. Abetted by so-called “corporate personhood” that conflation has only worsened in the past two or three decades and it is now ever more clear that capitalism has won and that American democracy is in retreat. Capitalism — at least as currently practiced

  • Mills: Open enrollment starts now

    Dear Editor: Health care, we all know, saves lives. It shouldn’t be a luxury, or a privilege reserved for well-to-do people, and yet more than 106,000 Maine people still do not have health insurance. That’s just unacceptable. Everyone gets sick. Everyone needs to go to the doctor sometimes. As Governor, my top priority is to

  • Some of us

    Dear Editor: Most of us were very young when we entered the military Most of us were scared Some of us were filled with self-doubt Most of us missed our freedom We marched, we jumped, we swam, we marched, we shot, we saluted…we marched We received our orders Some of us swabbed the deck Some

  • It’s time for universal broadband

    Dear Editor: Unless the internet suddenly disappears (and I hate to think how that might happen), it’s safe to assume that we all will become more and more dependent on it. So, given its importance, why don’t we have universal broadband in our homes and businesses? Taiwan, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark and many others have much

  • A key point on recycling

    Dear Editor: Thank you to The Ellsworth American and the League of Women Voters for hosting the candidates forum on Tuesday, Oct. 22. I appreciated hearing directly from each candidate. When presented with a question about recycling in Ellsworth, I noticed that candidate Edward (Matthias) Kamin III was the only one who mentioned the word

  • GOP must put country over party

    Dear Editor: This is a question for Sen. Collins. Do you believe, as Trump’s private attorney William S. Consovoy stated in the U.S. Court of Appeals, that a sitting president could literally murder someone and not be prosecuted, or even investigated for doing so, as long as they are in office? I hope and presume