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  • Maine a shining example of the way recounts should be

    By Skip Greenlaw One item on my bucket list is to count election ballots. Lynne Williams of Bar Harbor posted that she had lost an election for Hancock County judge of probate by 57 votes out of 28,972 votes. Lynne asked the Bureau of Elections for a recount, and I offered to be a counter

  • Debate, don’t litigate, the future of RCV

    Dear Editor: Rep. Bruce Poliquin and the Republicans, as self-proclaimed protectors of the people’s voice, don’t have a leg to stand to on. Although, having packed the courts, they may have a bench to fall back on. Thankfully, so far, not here in Maine. So far, Maine has been immune to GOP voter suppression schemes.

  • Dereliction of duty to blame for border insecurity

    Dear Editor: What do we taxpaying American citizens get for the lavish salaries and perks we bestow on our elected representatives? Nothing, if they cannot even bestir themselves to secure our borders, the physical elements that define our country in its most basic sense. The longer an individual has been in Washington, the more serious

  • Down the memory hole

    Dear Editor: Thanks to our local Meetinghouse Theatre Lab for its Nov. 17 reading in Winter Harbor of Matthew Dunster’s adaptation of George Orwell’s “1984.” Orwell’s book was a warning, a warning about losing our history “down the memory hole.” Democracy cannot function without informed citizens. A perfect example of this is the recent 10-part

  • In praise of the media

    Dear Editor: There are a myriad of problems emanating from the White House. They have been covered by the true media, but many wish to ignore the news coverage and to believe fake news. I want to praise the news media. Without the coverage, we would not know about issues such as the closeness of

  • Long live RCV

    Dear Editor: Poliquin did win the plurality of votes on the first count (less than 50 percent of total votes), however he did win a majority (over 50 percent) of all votes cast against him. Everyone’s vote matters. Long live ranked choice voting. Tyler H. Thompson Hancock

  • Mainers get the short end once again

    Dear Editor: We (Maine people) have been on our backs and received the short end of the stick since King George III ordered our majestic trees marked with his “broad arrow.” The smart Canadians have been taking our spruce, birches, maple, ash and even cedar since the 1990s, adding all the value inside Quebec and

  • Poliquin’s crusade

    Dear Editor: Poor Bruce Poliquin. It must have been terribly disappointing to discover that the voters who wanted anyone but him as their representative in Congress outnumbered those who did. Bruce feels cheated of his rightful place in Congress because he thinks ranked choice voting (or rank choice, as he so poetically says) was confusing

  • RCV can help bridge our divide

    Dear Editor: I was extremely proud when Maine took the bold step to be the first state to enact ranked choice voting for national elections. Ranked choice is not a new concept. In fact, Australia has used it for 100 years, but it is new to us. There are many reasons given why ranked choice

  • Time to go home, Bruce

    Dear Editor: Mr. Poliquin: I urge you, as others have done and are doing, to acknowledge, concede and understand that, regardless of the results of the “recount” you wish to have conducted, most of your fellow Maine citizens do not want you to represent them (anymore). Perhaps had you represented in ways most would have