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  • A flawed look at Maine’s energy security

    Dear Editor: During the six years I spent as an investigative reporter for two major Downeast newspapers, I devoted hundreds of hours researching and writing about Maine’s energy issues, a moving target indeed. As a result, I found The Ellsworth American’s editorial titled “Let’s work to increase Maine’s energy security” (Feb. 1, 2018) flawed in

  • A true Alice in Wonderland moment

    Dear Editor: Listening to President Trump’s State of the Union address the other night, what an Alice in Wonderland moment it was. He stayed right on message, nary a tweet, and just a long and wonderful list of all the things he intended to do for all of us and, as usual, especially the middle

  • My back pages

    Time was, I used to write a syllabus for my English class. I listed the readings, vocabulary and grammar goals and gave a succinct statement of my philosophy.

  • Does character matter?

    Dear Editor: The effusive praise for Trump that Mr. Phil Grant sends in his letters to The Ellsworth American shows a sad deficit in American values. Does character no longer matter? Does it not bother us that the leader of our country sympathizes with KKK members, and says “some are good people”? Does it not

  • Genuflecting to corporate might

    Dear Editor: I’ve been struggling to understand why the state of Maine would hand General Dynamics and its subsidiary Bath Iron Works (BIW) another $60-million tax break in LD 1781. All of our legislators know that GD is one of the wealthiest corporations in this country, so cash-rich that it is currently buying back its

  • St. Clair will get things done in Congress

    Dear Editor: The Second Congressional District of Maine needs a leader who will act in service of the citizens of our district. More importantly, a congressional representative needs to communicate with all the people she/he represents, no matter how controversial the issue. In addition to a strong commitment to service and communication with constituents, we

  • The myth of clean coal

    Dear Editor: Trump has announced the “war on coal” is over, “beautiful clean coal.” This message has not gotten to the lungs of the coal miners, however. They continue the battle to breathe, to fight the effects of black lung disease. Recent reports from Appalachia reveal a sharp increase in those diagnosed with this fatal

  • The source of true energy security

    Dear Editor: The Ellsworth American editorial page strikes (out) again. In the short-sighted piece titled “Let’s work to increase Maine’s energy security,” you completely miss the fundamental premise: sustainability is what will bring us security. You devote one single sentence to the notion of conservation and energy efficiency, buried in paragraph 13. Conservation should be

  • Time to stop obstruction of Medicaid expansion

    Dear Editor: A large majority of Mainers have made it clear that they want Medicaid expanded; they voted 59 percent to 41 percent in favor of it in last fall’s referendum. The Maine Legislature approved it five times, but five times Governor LePage vetoed it. And once again the Governor is making clear his intentions