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  • Vote for experience

    Dear Editor: I am writing to ask voters in Hancock County to vote for Velma Jordan, who is running as a write-in candidate for register of probate. She has been serving the county residents as deputy clerk for many years. Her knowledge, experience and expertise are solid and exceptional, and she has contributed immensely to

  • The wolves at the door

    Dear Editor: There is that old story about a boy and a wolf. Now, turn that tale around 180 degrees. Lots of wolves are out there and the boy swears up and down to the villagers and the sheep, “There are no wolves, all that howling is just the wind.” Sound familiar? And convenient? What

  • Lovit steps up

    Dear Editor: It’s my impression that the number of people here in way Downeast’s 6th legislative district who considered running for the Maine Senate in 2020 hovered at right around zero. Jeffrey Lovit, Addison, Maine, understood this and decided that it was his duty to step up and say, “I’m willing to do this because

  • A conscientious coworker

    Dear Editor: I would like to express my thoughts for Juliette Wilbur, Republican candidate for register of probate. Juliette has been a paralegal for 18 years and covered law firms in both the Bangor and Ellsworth area. Subsequent to that time, she has been employed as a clerk in the office of the Hancock County

  • Read the party platforms

    Dear Editor: Since Republicans didn’t write a party platform this year, we don’t know where they stand on immigration. Shame on them. Democrats showed more courage, and their party platform is clear. Democrats want more: more legal immigration, more foreign workers, unskilled and high tech, and more refugees. They propose expanding refugee eligibility to millions of new people: victims of domestic

  • Clark for Commission

    Dear Editor: With Election Day less than a month away, I feel it is necessary to share my thoughts and ask you to support William “Bill” Clark for re-election as the Hancock County commissioner for District 1. Bill is currently the chairman of the County Commissioners and finishing his fourth year as county commissioner. Bill

  • So much for free speech

    Dear Editor: I have never in my 82 years posted a political sign on our property or vehicle until this year, mostly because my wife and I are registered in different political parties and we agreed we would not do that. This year was different. I am convinced that the re-election of Donald Trump as

  • RCV empowers voters

    Dear Editor: In the election for president and U.S. Senate this year, you will have the freedom to rank your vote. Ranked choice voting has been approved by voters, enacted by the legislature and certified by the courts after lengthy legal wrangling. Ranked choice voting is a simple, fair and easy way to vote that

  • Grohoski capable and caring

    Dear Editor: Rep. Nicole Grohoski has proven capable and effective in her first term representing Ellsworth and Trenton in the Maine House. She has worked on a range of issues affecting all Mainers, including teen addiction, property tax fairness, internet access, protection of firefighters and emergency medical responders from unfair employer actions, and energy transmission/distribution.

  • A voice for taxpayers

    Dear Editor: I am writing this letter to endorse Paul Paradis in his bid to win a seat as the Hancock County commissioner representing MDI. Paul is a longtime, respected Bar Harbor businessperson (Paradis True Value Hardware), who also served the town of Bar Harbor for many years as a town councilor. Paul is an

  • The working man’s man

    Dear Editor: Gene Lyons is the working man’s man. He is a dedicated husband and father. He has spent his life in Ellsworth. He admits he has a lot to learn about the workings of the City Council and the various departments, but he is a hard worker, a team builder, is able to see

  • Trump lighting the path

    Dear Editor: Donald J. Trump like Winston Churchill in Great Britain in the 1930’s is sending a wake-up call to America. Both unsettled the political establishment and were considered outsiders. Both were right in calling attention to democracies gone soft unwilling to face impending disaster. There is an eerie, troubling relationship to the way Germany