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  • Maine football beats Elon to earn outright CAA title, playoff bye

    Maine football beats Elon to earn outright CAA title, playoff bye

    By Mike Lowe Portland Press Herald ORONO — Belief. That’s what Joe Harasymiak has been preaching to the University of Maine football team for a year. Belief in the team. Belief in what can be accomplished. And Saturday afternoon, the Black Bears accomplished something no one foresaw four months ago. Picked to finish eighth in

  • Trashing Trump the wrong strategy for Dems

    Dear Editor: I seem to find myself in the minority in today’s national Democratic Party. I disagree with the tendency of most Democrats (including political candidates for Congress and those in the news media) to constantly bash Donald Trump over his obnoxious personality and his divisive comments. As very conservative “Morning Joe” Scarborough has said

  • Time is running out to save historic building

    Dear Editor: One of the beauties of living in New England, and more specifically Maine, is the delightful abundance of charming historic properties. These buildings give us a sense of our heritage and tell the story of the past. They allow us to tell the stories of days gone by to the generations to come.

  • Overcoming your blind spots

    Dear Editor: This week I discovered that I have a blind spot. My father-in-law, Ray, with whom I disagreed politically and did not share his faith, offered sound advice to try and understand what you might be missing. If you found your own blind spots, you could avoid trouble, understand and relate better to others

  • Just more anti-aquaculture propaganda

    Dear Editor: In the 15 years I’ve been in the aquaculture business raising oysters I have yet to read a letter against it that was accurate. Bundy Boit’s letter [“‘State’s relentless pursuit of aquaculture’ is a cautionary tale for the coast of Maine,” Nov. 8, Ellsworth American] was no exception. Her letter is just a

  • Election Day brings out citizens’ best

    Dear Editor: There is nothing like Election Day to bring out the very best in our citizenry. I like to go in the evening, after dark, walking down from our home on Bridge Hill to the polling place at City Hall, because people, including me, are just getting off work and the vibe is upbeat

  • Why the Brazilian elections matter

    By J.P. Linstroth On Oct. 28, Jair Bolsonaro was elected as the 38th president of Brazil from the Social Liberal Party, a conservative leaning party. His critics call him the “Brazilian Trump.” Indeed, Bolsonaro’s election is symptomatic of a worldwide trend toward “right-wing populism” and “neo-nationalism,” or popular sympathies favoring political candidates on the far

  • Bucksport’s bright future

    Dear Editor: Wednesday on Main’s summer event program soared to new heights this season. We began in our usual way — with loads of laughing children watching the antics of the Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers — and ended by watching a beautiful, slim, young Elvis Presley planning his comeback concert in Las Vegas — the last

  • Swimming upstream

    Dear Editor: The town of Bucksport was home to a paper mill for more than 80 years before it closed in 2014 and was a tannery prior to being a paper mill. In 2016, the town began discussions with Whole Oceans about its desire to locate a land-based aquaculture facility on that industrial site. Whole