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  • Collins is on the case

    Dear Editor: A few months ago, President Biden took to the airwaves to inform America’s 80 million unvaccinated citizens that his “patience was wearing thin” with them due to their personal medical decisions. This week, during a hearing with federal officials, Sen. Susan Collins uncovered that the very same administration that has sought to force

  • Commentary: Looking back, moving forward

    By Rep. Nicole Grohoski At the start of each new year, I pause and reflect on what the Legislature has accomplished that will help our region and all Mainers for years to come. Before jumping into my legislative work for 2022, I took some time to review the work of the 130th Legislature in 2021,

  • Commentary: Protecting Maine’s elections is not a partisan issue

    By Rep. Billy Bob Faulkingham As a lawmaker, protecting our individual rights and freedoms and the integrity of our elections have been top priorities of mine. That’s why I backed a referendum effort to ensure that only Maine citizens vote in Maine elections, and it’s why I authored the most recent amendment to the Maine

  • Mills an expert budgeter

    Dear Editor: Governor Mills more than doubled Maine’s rainy day fund compared to Paul LePage’s before he left office and took off for Florida. Mills is a pioneer who was a founding member of Maine’s Women’s Lobby. She also was the first female DA in New England, managing three counties simultaneously. She had three budgets,

  • Preaching to the choir

    Dear Editor: Thank you very much for printing letter writer John Fuhrman’s thoughts on the media and his call to sue news outlets for libel and slander [“Journalistic Malpractice,” Jan. 6]. American democracy depends on a well-informed electorate. Journalists bear a heavy responsibility. I will not address each of Mr. Fuhrman’s assertions or his examples.

  • Socialism and science

    Dear Editor: Two recent letters in the opinion pages beg for a response, as both hinge on fundamental misunderstandings about the nature of socialism. Since the letters are pretty much all of a piece, let us look more closely at the more recent one. In it the writer attempts to hornswoggle the reader with the

  • Pre-K benefits everyone

    Dear Editor: I am excited to learn that RSU 24 will receive funds to begin its own public pre-kindergarten program. With this funding, a partnership in place with Downeast Community Partners to implement the programming and space for pre-K programs now available in the district’s elementary schools, more kids can receive early learning experiences, which

  • Commentary: Reading the tea leaves

    By Tim Plouff “We also need to start moving forward with a new ambulance service either with or without the help of the county,” City Councilor Robert Miller claimed in a recent EA news-story about the year ahead. Given the mounting evidence of no private ambulance companies in Hancock County despite increased need, as well

  • Island greetings

    Dear Editor: You have probably seen pictures of people making a hand sign with fingers and thumbs touching and making an outline of a heart. Obviously expressing love. You might have seen people making the American Sign Language sign for love (second and ring fingers folded down and little finger and index finger sticking up

  • A kinder resolution

    Dear Editor: As a resident of Blue Hill and a member of the small marine community in Brooksville, I was disheartened to learn of an ongoing dispute in Buck’s Harbor that is harming a much-loved family business, Buck’s Harbor Marina and Jon Buck. In August of 2020, the remnants of a strong tropical storm passed

  • Sending the wrong message

    Dear Editor: As a 73-year-old American who believes strongly in our U.S. democracy, I was sad to read that 49 Maine State House Republican representatives did not vote to condemn the domestic terrorism that took place at our U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. Three Hancock County Maine House Republican members, Rep. Sherm Hutchins from