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  • Bunker is the real deal for Maine House

    Dear Editor: As a former resident of Downeast Maine, and as someone who pays attention to elections across the nation, I strongly urge voters in Maine House District 137 to vote for Doug Bunker. A dyed-in-the-wool Mainer with experience in the blueberry fields, the Downeast tidal waters and the paper mills, Doug has spent his

  • The troubling evolution of Susan Collins

    In an interview covering the Supreme Court confirmation process, Sen. [Susan] Collins recently referred to people calling her office with concerns over the nomination of Justice Kavanaugh and how he might rule in certain situations as “leftists.”

  • Faulkingham the right choice in District 136

    Dear Editor: I would like to encourage the voters of House District 136 to vote for my husband, William “Billy Bob” Faulkingham, to represent them in the Maine State House of Representatives. William is a fifth-generation lobster fisherman, a former Marine, a dedicated public servant and an amazing father and husband. He is an active

  • Grohoski about solutions, not complaints

    Dear Editor: Nicole Grohoski is running for Maine House District 132 (Trenton and Ellsworth) and has made me one of her enthusiastic supporters. After volunteering to drive her around knocking on doors in my town of Trenton, I learned what makes her such an ideal choice for addressing some of the seemingly intractable problems facing

  • HCDC shirks its responsibility

    Dear Editor: Does it really need to be said that the Hancock County Democratic Committee should be supporting every Democratic candidate at the local, state and federal levels in Maine? Yet in a recent edition of The Ellsworth American, Alfred Judd, chairman of the Hancock County Democrats, said that the HCDC was not taking sides

  • Prison rehabilitation is a two-way street

    Dear Editor: I am writing today to inform those with incarcerated loved ones at Maine State Prison that they are not getting constant and quality programming. My best friend was enrolled in the Passport program offered in MSP’s Industries program. This program, as sold to him, was a 2,000-plus-hour intensive woodworking program that would help

  • Three fine candidates worthy of support

    Dear Editor: We have three fine young candidates running for election in my area of Hancock County. I have had the privilege of meeting each of them, and want to call them to the attention of Ellsworth American readers. Jared Golden is running for the U.S. House to replace Rep. Poliquin. He was a Marine

  • A vote for Hutchins is a vote for decency

    Dear Editor: Sherm Hutchins is my choice to fill the House District 131 seat (Dedham, Orland, Otis, Penobscot, Prospect, Stockton Springs and Verona Island) being vacated by Karl Ward. In this age of the bickering and the rancor so prevalent at all levels of government, it is comforting to know there are men like Karl

  • The greater good

    Dear Editor: In these government-as-reality-show times, I am hoping for a Democratic win for governor of Maine. The practical way for this to happen, and maybe the only way, is for the two independent candidates to graciously step down and give their support to Janet Mills. Geri Valentine Addison

  • Taking a stand on health insurance costs

    Dear Editor: Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield has requested a rate increase of up to 20 percent for individual policies. I am currently paying $1,600/month for two healthy adults. If they are allowed the maximum increase, I would pay $1,920/month or $23,000 annually. My policy has a $15,000 deductible per person. Together, I would be