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  • Biomedical research is an investment in our health, economy and jobs

    By Sen. Susan M. Collins Earlier this year, The Jackson Laboratory announced it will increase wages and hire 300 more workers by 2020. This exciting plan by the Bar Harbor-based scientific institution demonstrates the tremendous benefits of biomedical research in both improving human health and growing Maine’s economy. Biomedical research has the power to transform

  • America’s future is not “us vs. them”

    Dear Editor: Oh, for shame. A generation that values quality of life over quantity in life? Jan Dolcater, in his Sept. 12 commentary on the millennial-sourced degradation of the American mindset [“American mindset is changing for the worse”], paints a grim picture indeed. Blaming a supposed left-leaning educational system for instilling socialist values, the end

  • At the Abbe Museum, hope’s on display

    Dear Editor: I’ve been swimming with loons. I’ve been feasting on lobster. But of all the pleasures of this past summer in Maine, I may just remember the children’s art show at the Abbe Museum most of all. This is the 18th year that the Abbe has partnered with Maine Indian Education to celebrate the

  • Give e-bikes a chance

    Dear Editor: Could anyone anguishing about the invasion of e-bikes into Acadia National Park kindly try one out first? (And yes, you will still get a good workout.) I ride an e-bike around town — the invisible hub motor gives you a nice boost up a hill and then goes away as you peddle flat

  • A miracle on 1A

    Dear Editor: On Sept. 9, as I was approaching my left turn off busy Route 1A onto the Winkumpaugh Road, I noticed that all three lanes of traffic had slowed down. At that turn there are two lanes heading toward Bangor and one lane toward Ellsworth. Right in the middle of 1A stood a black

  • Many families teeter on the brink of homelessness

    Dear Editor: On a cool September night, you can see the warm glow coming from one of the Emmaus Homeless Shelter’s family room windows. You can see the silhouettes of a child’s toy dinosaurs, which is a sad reminder that children are homeless. When I received this photo taken by another co-worker, Kate Gordon, I

  • Auroras over all of us

    Auroras over all of us

    Reviewed by Carl Little Special to The Ellsworth American ELLSWORTH — Paul Liebow’s poetry comes from many different sources: his love of Downeast Maine; his passion for Native American and aboriginal cultures; his fierce distaste for war and its ravages; and his quest to find meaning in life. The verse in “Auroras over Acadia” (Atmosphere

  • American mindset is changing for the worse

    A recent survey done by The Wall Street Journal and NBC revealed some very disheartening statistics regarding our millennial generation. They apparently lack an understanding of our history and it is exhibited in their values or in the lack of them. Let me explain the outlook of two age groups and a perspective of their

  • Bonds or borrowing

    Governor Mills called a special session last month to consider bond issues. The four bond proposals she submitted were largely a rework of a single $239-million package that we considered last June. Bonds approved by the Legislature would then be considered by voters in November, with voter-approved bonds to be sold in June of 2020.

  • Sullivan steps up

    Dear Editor: What a good story it is about Sullivan residents rescuing hungry caterpillars! My family has been doing the same in Hancock. We should all do whatever we can to help endangered species to survive, from the least to the largest. This would include right whales. Martha D. Trowbridge New York, N.Y.