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  • A man of action

    Dear Editor: I have been in law enforcement since 1991. I’ve spent the last six years as a chief of police. With all those years of patrol, and traffic work, I became aware of a safety issue that I had no way of legally addressing. There were uninsured drivers on the road, but when and

  • Commentary: Making America “godly” again

    By Hugh Bowden An unsolicited handout appeared in my mailbox this week. The two-sided political message featured Republican legislative candidate John Linnehan sporting a red jersey bearing the words “MAKE AMERICA GODLY AGAIN.” It doesn’t take much pondering to realize it’s a deliberate takeoff on the MAGA movement spawned by you-know-who that has so easily

  • Langley listens

    Dear Editor: It is hard to believe that nine years have passed since the emergency enactment of LD 891, “An Act to Create Uniform Claims Paying Practices in Long-term Care Insurance Policies.” Prior to this law, many of Maine’s seniors and boomers who filed for long-term care insurance benefits would wait sometimes up to five

  • Dedicated and experienced

    Dear Editor: It has been truly an honor to represent you in the Legislature, both in the House and the Senate. My tenure in the Senate has ended due to term limits and due to redistricting you now are living in Senate District 7. Senate District 7 now includes the towns of Castine, Orland, Penobscot

  • Knowing when to quit

    Dear Editor: An unavoidable topic has finally made the news. Age and politicians don’t mix well. There should be an age limit for those older politicians who are still in power. They still think they “know it all”; they still think they know what is good for themselves and the country. Joe Biden has been

  • Today’s math lesson

    Dear Editor: In January of 2021, my 529 college plan had $16,800 I am setting aside for my grandkids. As Joe Biden celebrates his passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, I took a look at the grandkids’ accounts. As of today, they are collectively worth $15,100. Now you can say that being down only $1,700

  • Undue influence

    Dear Editor: This week many of us in Hancock County received through the mail a misleading message from Richard Malaby suggesting that the Maine Senate seat contested by Brian Langley and Nicole Grohoski is being bought for Grohoski by “outside money.” Mr. Malaby stated outside money in the millions has poured into legislative seats, investing

  • Line in the sand

    Dear Editor: Now that the President has called out 75 million or more nonviolent patriots like myself, I am compelled to draw a line in the sand. Using Independence Hall with two U.S. Marines in dress blues and eerie lighting as a backdrop to trash us must have the Founders rolling over in their graves.

  • More political cleanup advice

    Dear Editor: You recently had a letter to the editor from Mr. David Paul Henry [“Get on it,” Sept. 15] concerning today’s political workings. I have to agree with most of his ideas for cleaning up the political mess in our country. I disagree with his interpretation of the Second Amendment, as I believe the

  • Accountability needed

    Dear Editor: An open letter to Sens. Collins and King: I am asking you, as my senators but also as members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, to learn all the details about and then share what is possible about the documents found at Mar-a-Lago without harming national security. Here are my questions: (1) What classified

  • A closer look at consumer-owned power

    Letter to the Editor: Central Maine Power (CMP) and Versant are not working for the state of Maine. Low reliability, high prices and millions each month in political spending all point to the need for real change now. For folks hesitant about the referendum to replace them with a privately operated, nonprofit, customer-owned utility, it