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  • Commentary: Collateral damage

    By Michael Hall Mainers will be collateral damage in the Biden administration’s war on fossil fuels. The unplanned, unprepared and precipitous rise in home heating cost will cost lives. Rather than freezing quietly in their homes Mainers will search for alternative ways to stay warm. The hastily installed wood or pellet stove will kill people.

  • The schoolyard bully’s big lie

    Dear Editor: The January 6 Committee is currently revealing the financial, political and moral fleecing of America caused by Donald Trump’s Big Lie. Trump has grifted roughly $250 million for his Official Election Defense Fund, has poisoned civil society, inflaming racist hate groups with Replacement Theory rhetoric, and fractured Americans into tribal political groups. The

  • Commentary: Flagpole plan raises more questions than answers

    By Russell F. Schimmer The proposed and publicly disclosed business plan for the Flagpole of Freedom Park is shockingly vague given its potential disruption to Washington County’s coastal region. The projected six million new visitors and $540 million in annual revenue seem more aspirational than what likely is feasible. More simply put, Flagpole proposes that

  • Comentary: Time, tide and Tuscany

    By Todd R. Nelson One July, I set my watch by the church bells of San Regolo, Italy, for three weeks. But that is not how you tell time in San Regolo. The hourly bells chime down its narrow streets, along the ancient stone houses, out over the surrounding olive groves, cypress trees and vineyards

  • “Getting to yes” on climate

    Dear Editor: Thankfully, Governor Mills identified climate change as a major present threat for Maine’s economy ecology and citizens when she became governor in January 2021 — before COVID hit — and formed the multi sector Maine Climate Council task force, which produced the Maine Won’t Wait action plan in December 2021. In April 1999,

  • Spot-on analysis

    Dear Editor: Accolades, once again, to Jill Goldthwait’s article about Jared Golden’s singular veto among the Democrats for the gun safety law. Her clear, reasoned presentation aptly spotlights alternatives Golden could have taken. Judith (Scotty) Folger Ellsworth

  • The kindness of strangers

    Dear Editor: With all the bad news we see and hear daily, locally and beyond, I thought that this story might be of interest to you. I volunteer for a national charitable organization called Comfort Cases. We provide brand new backpacks with contents like pajamas, blankets, toiletries, books, coloring books, socks and a stuffed animal

  • Too late to the debate

    Dear Editor: I confess to a considerable amount of befuddlement concerning the opposition of Mr. Plouff and Mr. Baker to a public entity taking over and managing Maine’s electric utilities [“Pine Tree Power wrong for Maine,” June 16]. They are two years too late to this debate. Versant is already a municipal-owned utility. Let me

  • What are they waiting for?

    Dear Editor: What, pray tell, is NATO waiting for? Are they waiting for Russia to eventually conquer Ukraine, obliterate its infrastructure, subjugate what’s left of its population and incorporate it into the Soviet Union? And where is the statesman or stateswoman in America with the moxie to rally the NATO partners to finally put an

  • Rough roads need attention

    Dear Editor: Why is it the roads in Ellsworth are so bad and need of some repair or maybe a layer of fresh tar. These roads are the same ones that have needed the same repairs for a couple of years or more. The roads are in need of maintenance, badly. It’s very hard on

  • Reclaiming the gazebo

    By Ruth Foster This spring was a bit different than most. After taking in my birdfeeders, I not only noticed that I didn’t have any birds, but I didn’t have any chipmunks, squirrels or feral cats. A few weeks passed, bringing with it shades of Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring.” That ended recently. I spotted a

  • Commentary: Pine Tree Power wrong for Maine

    By Tim Plouff and Alan Baker A group of power revisionist proponents, including local Rep. Nicole Grohoski, seeks to seize the assets of Central Maine Power and Versant to create Pine Tree Power, a government-run utility that would control electricity delivery to the majority of Maine consumers, both business and residential. There has never been