Rhubarb growing in garden in spring.

Our household eats foods seasonally, and the winter diet of root vegetables gets quite long. So, I am quite excited in the spring to spot clumps of fresh chives, purple asparagus tips and the dark green leaves of rhubarb starting to unfold. Something new to cook!

Botanically speaking, rhubarb is classified as a vegetable, although we Americans use rhubarb more like a fruit in many recipes. Regardless of its category, our family loves the mouth-puckering, tart flavor of rhubarb’s thick, celery-like stalks. Ruby juice and tangy rhubarb sauce, strawberry rhubarb pie, rhubarb maple muffins, rhubarb glazed meat and rhubarb coffee cakes are now on the menu.

rhubarb tart cw

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