Letters to the editor

  • A worthwhile New Year’s resolution

    Dear Editor: How about this New Year’s resolution: Help those who are in need of our help, i.e. those who do not have enough to eat. For most of us, we have an abundance of food, but not all others (especially the children). We must help them get enough for three meals a day. For

  • Trump remains evasive on tax returns

    Dear Editor: Once again, at his “news conference,” we heard President-elect Donald Trump answer a reporter’s request for his tax returns with that worn-out phrase “Can’t be done; I’m being audited.” According to my accountant, that’s nonsense! But more importantly, why does someone not go to some respectable law firm and ask the same question?

  • Thoughts on the Trump ascendancy

    Dear Editor: It does seem at this point that no more election analysis is needed. Those shocked by the election and those who voted for Trump can only wait to see what will happen after Jan. 20. One thought occurred to me, though, just recently: this election pays the United States back for its interference

  • Praying for a miracle

    Dear Editor: Having read through Gene Graves’ Letter to the Editor [Ellsworth American, Jan. 5], I find it amusing that he thinks it was God’s miraculous intervention that elected Donald Trump on Nov. 8, 2016 — all those fired-up Christians following Franklin and Billy Graham’s “urging Americans to come out to their state capitols and

  • Obama a true gentleman

    Dear Editor: As Obama spoke tonight in his farewell address to the nation, a nation broken down, a nation in dire need of some unity, he spoke with an amazing air of optimism for our future. Through his poignant words, it became clear that his faith in America and in the American people rests on

  • “I miss the snow”

    Dear Editor: Home I miss the snow I’ve missed it all summer Memories of the big bold snow flakes keep coming back to me I miss the way the snowflakes catch my eyelashes and lay down inside my scarf I miss catching the snowflakes on my tongue and feeling the sparkle I miss the island

  • Global warming: belief vs. fact

    Dear Editor: The question of whether global climate warming is real or is a hoax can be examined along two principal avenues of thinking. These avenues are belief and fact. Beliefs are not measurable! The following are facts that are measurable and can be evaluated: The greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) causes atmospheric warming. By

  • Church’s new sign is divine

    Dear Editor: I’m one of the trustees of the church responsible for the digital sign. I love the title of the article, however, reading the article at face value it just looks like we’re having issues trudging out to change the old sign in the snow like the picture attached. I wish we could have

  • America is about to pay a tragic price

    Dear Editor: A letter writer in a recent issue of The Ellsworth American opined that God and prayer had the deciding hand in the election of Donald Trump as America’s next president. The writer’s suggestion seemed to be that all praying Americans were on the side of Trump’s election, even though voting totals show that

  • The sadder story of the 2016 election

    Dear Editor: One of several reasons why the Electoral College was created was to quell Southern states’ fear of outsized influence on elections by larger Northern states. The argument that, without the Electoral College, California and New York voters would control our elections is kin to the same logic. The Electoral College works to favor