Letters to the editor

  • America’s diversity should be celebrated

    Dear Editor: We understand that many are fearful for our national security. Narrimissic Valley Friends Meeting (Quakers) believes that we can be safe as a nation and show honor and respect to the people of the global community in which we live. We urge President Trump to honor the present judicial decision concerning the ban

  • Getting things straight

    Dear Editor: Let’s face it: the accession of Donald Trump, an ill-informed mendacious narcissist, to the office once held by Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy and Reagan is a legally established fact, Congressman John Lewis to the contrary notwithstanding. It’s something we will have to explain to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in the future. It

  • Emmaus says thanks

    Dear Editor: The Emmaus Homeless Shelter would like to express its gratitude to the community for its support during the fall months and holidays. With your donations and support we were able to provide Thanksgiving food baskets to 140 families and 170 Christmas food baskets. Our Christmas toy program and adopt-a-child program provided Christmas morning

  • Isn’t it ironic?

    Dear Editor: For several days, we, the TV audience were treated to Trump’s persistent efforts to achieve a judicial victory in his so-called travel ban. It appears that Trump believed his authority overrode that of a federal court decision, as witnessed by aide Steve Miller’s avowal on national TV that Trump’s judgment was “not to

  • Marvelous Marvin

    Dear Editor: We appreciate Mr. [Marvin] Ott’s perspective on various issues and we are grateful that The Ellsworth American publishes his columns. Evelyn and Craig Milner Lamoine and Worcester, Mass.

  • Ott hits the spot

    Dear Editor: Your assessment of the third and pathetic version of the “Un”Magnificent Seven was right on the money. It is without character. Marvin Ott’s foreign policy assessment of the Un-Magnificent Trump is more cogent and precise and yet more sweeping than anything one can find in the NY Times, the Washington Post, the Atlantic

  • Mixed messages in Gouldsboro

    Dear Editor: I attended the Jan. 26 Gouldsboro Selectmen’s meeting at which Faith Lane proposed that Gouldsboro publicly proclaim itself to be a town committed to human rights, civil liberties and proudly affirm we are a safe place that welcomes all people. Reporter Jacqueline Weaver accurately quoted Susan Dickson-Smith, who said, “It’s not about fixing

  • Restore fish runs on the Union River

    Dear Editor: We are writing to express our strong support for the safe movement of aquatic life, especially river herring, Atlantic salmon and eels, around the Union River dams. It is great to have non-polluting power sources, but they are only environmentally sound if they allow safe fish passage in both directions. Even though river

  • Some advice for Bar Harbor Airport

    Dear Editor: As a longtime frequent flyer who was a “regular” at the Bar Harbor Airport during Colgan’s tenure, once they pulled the plug I have rarely, if ever, flown from BHB. I don’t believe that location has as much to do with the airport’s falling short of passengers, because it’s far more convenient for

  • Times have changed for local law enforcement

    Dear Editor: The Ellsworth Police Department now has the largest force, most patrol vehicles, best trained and equipped, mature men and women it’s ever had. But…in 1960 it was much different. Ellsworth, Bar Harbor and Bucksport all had a four-member police force (full-time) and many reserve officers. No tasers, mace, semi-automatic rifles, one patrol; car,