Letters to the editor

  • EMS team true professionals

    Dear Editor: Recently, we had to call the local 911 services to our home, due to a late-night accidental fall by our houseguest. We want to thank the local EMS team that arrived promptly, correctly assessed the seriousness of the situation and oversaw transporting her to the hospital in Ellsworth. Our sincere thanks go out

  • Failing to learn the lessons of history

    Dear Editor: There is an old saying that goes like this: “The past is history, the future is a mystery and in between is the present. And that is why we call it a gift.” Very nice, isn’t it? And there is wisdom there. But it is all too simple. Unfortunately, except for historians and

  • Help keep Marlboro Beach open

    Dear Editor: This letter is an appeal for help in keeping Marlboro Beach in Lamoine open for everyone to enjoy, forever. As a summer resident of Lamoine for nearly 70 years, I know how important the beach is to residents and visitors alike, and I want to ensure that this lovely coastal area will never

  • Odd timing for a grand opening

    Dear Editor: I found it very odd that Sullivan’s new Dollar General decided to have its Grand Opening on Saturday, Aug. 5, right in the middle of our annual Sullivan Daze celebration, a full three weeks after the store actually opened. Coincidence? I think not. People were lined up around the front of the store

  • Some practical advice for President Trump

    Dear Editor: The President and his team can solve both the Iranian nuclear challenge and North Korean nuclear aggression without firing a shot. China has been using North Korea as its client state since the Korean Conflict. President Truman fired Gen. MacArthur in 1951 for wanting to push the Chinese back into China by advancing

  • Trump’s election numbers: myth vs. reality

    Dear Editor: This morning a blustering Liar in Chief once again regaled me on TV news clips from his West Virginia “rally.” And by the way, what other president do you remember holding what are essentially campaign rallies immediately after his election? Trump alternately boasts that he won the largest landslide in U.S. history, or

  • Missing the “melting pot”

    Dear Editor: I’m writing regarding limitations made for certain races of people coming to our country. They must, for example, speak English and can’t join relatives already here, etc. This brings me to where I previously resided (Dearborn, Mich.). There are many Middle Eastern people represented. Many are Muslim and some are Catholic. They have

  • Great letter, wrong name

    Dear Editor: Just finished the letter from Roger Bowen [“The cost of purposeful ignorance,” July 20]. Wow! That article is great, but there was one little error you might want to edit. For every time you wrote President Trump — surely a mistake — you really meant President Barack Hussein Obama! You know, the one

  • New home, same mission

    Dear Editor: Following announcement of the news that the Maine Seacoast Mission will sell its longtime headquarters in Bar Harbor, I write to thank the many friends and community members who have responded so positively to this difficult decision. In addition to the supportive words we have received through social media, quite a few people

  • The deplorables will continue to be heard

    Dear Editor: To Roger Bowen: Since you felt such a need to express your opinions of Trump voters and their lack of intellect in a public forum, I would like to educate you on who we really are. In the mind of elite intellectuals as yourself, you believe you know what is best for us