Letters to the editor

  • An eyesore in the making

    Dear Editor: The last Sunday in March, a friend and I happened to be driving Downeast on Route 1 in time to see local fire departments gathering around a beautiful old twin-dormered historic house and carriage barn on the Sullivan side of the bridge. We guessed a controlled burn was about to begin, and by

  • Make your voice heard on climate change

    Dear Editor: On April 29, Mainers will be marching in Washington, D.C., Augusta and Bar Harbor to raise awareness of climate change and the actions that must be taken to slow the dangerous effects we are already experiencing here in Maine and around the world. In Bar Harbor, we are marching at home instead of

  • Single-payer health care is long overdue

    Dear Editor: The April 6 editorial titled “Congress, heal thyself” shows how little the writer knows about the nature of health and disease or about the history and reality of health care economics and politics. Yes, “health care is a national issue that can be addressed appropriately only by working together,” but working together means

  • Opposed to mega pier in Bar Harbor

    Dear Editor: I am opposed to the construction of the Bar Harbor mega pier to accommodate mega cruise ships. I support the Bar Harbor citizens initiative, Article 13, that will be on the June 13, 2017, referendum ballot in Bar Harbor. Passage of Article 13 will provide a mechanism for the citizens of Bar Harbor

  • Poliquin’s captive audience

    Dear Editor: When confronted with why he won’t meet with constituents, Rep. Bruce Poliquin referenced the last town hall meeting he attended nearly a year ago in Bangor. He also stated he will continue to travel to Maine’s 2nd District to meet with job creators and local leaders who continue to help grow Maine’s economy.

  • Trouble ahead for local ponds

    Dear Editor: The city of Ellsworth’s failure to enforce covenants on the Patten Pond Campground threatens Branch Lake, Toddy Pond and the fresh water on MDI. In 2000, the Patten Pond Campground was sold and the buyers sought a permit to reopen after the demise of the KOA Campground from the 1974 era. After months

  • Robocalls and FairPoint

    Dear Editor: Does anyone else get these annoying calls? They seek access to our identity, credit, cash; many of them originate outside the United States. We get more than a dozen per week. They always place the calls from different numbers. Lately robocallers have been hijacking other phones, so that your caller ID screen lists

  • Climate change affects us all

    Dear Editor: Whether you are a climate change believer, denier, or simply curious about climate, measurable facts demonstrate that atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), the cause of warming, have skyrocketed since the beginning of the 20th century to levels never before breathed in by humans. Currently these levels are predicted to rapidly climb much

  • Just say “no” to capitalism

    Dear Editor: If we step back from our political situation we can observe a revolving historical event: As long as our economy is based on capitalist principles, the best we can hope for is to place some constraints on the byproducts of capitalism. Capitalists resist the constraints by paying shills to confuse us and legislators

  • Proposed election law change a win for dark money

    Dear Editor: Maine election law requires candidates and PACs to publicly disclose major campaign contributions and expenditures made in the final two weeks of a campaign within 24 hours of the transaction. Republican Senate Leader Garrett Mason has sponsored a bill that will scrap that law and allow a candidate or PAC to make the