• Compliance IDs matter

    Earlier this spring, Governor LePage signed into law LD306 to bring Maine into compliance with the federal REAL ID Act. The federal government implemented REAL ID requirements under the auspices of Homeland Security in 2005, with several states, like Maine, balking at this intrusion. The reality is that our failure to comply with changing security

  • Labor Dept. reduces…labor

    Buried in the exciting news of the day last week was a small release from the Maine Department of Labor announcing the layoff of up to 10 employees. What, a government agency reducing staff and no headlines revealing the monetary savings to taxpayers? Maine Labor Department Commissioner Jeanne Paquette announced that her agency would cease

  • Nevertheless, they persisted

    Among the most impressive graduation ceremonies we attend each spring are those of the adult education programs. Graduates there have had to clear higher hurdles than most traditional high school or college students: earlier feelings of frustration or failure because no one understood them or their learning styles, having to deal with personal hardships or

  • Reasonable and responsible

    Maine’s Legislature is once again battling over education funding in order to reach a balanced budget that serves all of the state’s needs. It is a battle that needs clearer thinking. For years, education advocates have requested ever-increasing financial commitments from citizens and from the state itself, creating the image that 55 percent of educational

  • Hats off to DMR

    The Department of Marine Resources deserves a tip of the cap for its successful implementation of a magnetic swipe card system to manage the state’s multimillion-dollar elver fishery. By the time the 11-week fishing season closed last Wednesday, dealers had reported to DMR purchases of just over 9,282 pounds of the tiny juvenile eels from

  • Exporting brain power

    Late spring in Maine brings revival and new life to our surroundings, and the arrival of summer visitors. It’s also a time to celebrate the maturation of our brightest and best students as they graduate from high schools and colleges statewide. There is cause for optimism and hope, as they move forward to the rest

  • Hollow promise

    Back in 2011, Governor Paul LePage unveiled an addition to the “Welcome to Maine” sign on Interstate 95 in Kittery. “Open for Business,” it reads. Well, apparently the Governor’s definition of “open for business” has changed over the years and now includes only entities that qualify for his personal stamp of approval. Maine Department of

  • The get out of jail card

    There is barely any segment of our society that hasn’t been impacted or altered in this century, as technology and computers increasingly change our lives. Along with different perspectives about various aspects of life, as well as the mature analysis of changing how we do many things in our society today, it only makes sense

  • Common Sense and the Constitution Prevail

    In a unanimous decision recently, the Maine Supreme Court found that the ranked-choice voting referendum marginally passed by voters last fall violates the State’s Constitution. Attorney General Janet Mills, Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap and several legislators had requested that the State’s highest court weigh in on the topic before election chaos ensued in the

  • A Referendum Fix

    A proposed Constitutional Amendment referendum, LD31, currently is working it way through the Maine Legislature: “Do you favor amending the Constitution of Maine to require signatures on direct initiative petitions from voters from each congressional district of this State?” Asking for signers of a referendum petition, both from the First and Second Congressional Districts –