• Compliance IDs matter

    Earlier this spring, Governor LePage signed into law LD306 to bring Maine into compliance with the federal REAL ID Act. The federal government implemented REAL ID requirements under the auspices of Homeland Security in 2005, with several states, like Maine, balking at this intrusion. The reality is that our failure to comply with changing security

  • Labor Dept. reduces…labor

    Buried in the exciting news of the day last week was a small release from the Maine Department of Labor announcing the layoff of up to 10 employees. What, a government agency reducing staff and no headlines revealing the monetary savings to taxpayers? Maine Labor Department Commissioner Jeanne Paquette announced that her agency would cease

  • Nevertheless, they persisted

    Among the most impressive graduation ceremonies we attend each spring are those of the adult education programs. Graduates there have had to clear higher hurdles than most traditional high school or college students: earlier feelings of frustration or failure because no one understood them or their learning styles, having to deal with personal hardships or

  • Support ranked choice voting

    Dear Editor: In November 2016, nearly 400,000 Maine voters supported the adoption of Ranked Choice voting (RCV). The new law would affect 10 Maine elections, not including the Presidential election. In March 2017, Maine’s Supreme Court was asked for a non-binding opinion on the constitutionality related to the general elections for state offices. The Court

  • Democratic left “counting on armed intrusion”

    Dear Editor: For perhaps the first time within this country’s chronology, a post-electoral process has actively committed to overturning a duly elected president. From a comedienne holding a bloodied head, a Central Park production substituting a presidential assassination in place of an original writing, a plethora of fake news designed to inflame and destroy (before

  • Don’t let legislators kill ranked choice voting

    Dear Editor: With an overwhelming majority of the state’s voters supporting the concept of ranked choice voting, making it the law, the idea that our elected leaders (elected using the two-party system that serves itself) might reject that vote of the people is horrifying. Without ranked choice voting, we are forced into choosing between only

  • How long can you wait in an emergency?

    To the Editor, Do you know where Placid Place is in Brooklin? Can you find it on Google Maps? I did not know where it was, either, and I am a firefighter in Brooklin. Thankfully, the outstanding professional dispatchers at the Hancock County Regional Communications Center (the folks who answer when you dial 911) have