• Thanks a ton, Bruce

    Dear Editor: Any health care act that affects millions of Americans deserves clear, intelligent and thoughtful deliberation, not a 24 hours “let’s pass something” abomination, as was the bill regurgitated out of the House last Thursday. I also take offense to [Rep. Bruce] Poliquin’s remark that this bill is what the constituents in your district

  • Thoughts at my son’s gravesite

    Dear Editor: Son, you know I will always love you and cherish the beautiful times of your life we had together. But these memories become an anguish when I think that you chose drugs and alcohol over so many other possibilities. You had such potential and promise and appeared to be going in the right

  • Time to end aerial pesticide spraying

    Dear Editor: As we celebrate the month of May and the return to light and warmth it is so exciting to see the ponds and lakes thawing, the migrating birds returning, the landscapes greening and the outdoor life of farmers and gardeners buzzing with activity. And then… we wonder, will we also hear the whop,

  • “Labor pains” – A big reason why

    By John Bradford The theme of The Ellsworth American’s editorial of May 4 concerning Maine’s labor shortage and the economic pain caused by it does not address the most important element — the cause. The conclusion that more employable people are needed and that businesses, by simply “raising their game” with various strategies enabling people

  • Harness racing noose getting tighter

    In the 14 years since Maine voters approved the Hollywood Racino referendum for Bangor, over $112 million dollars has been directed to the state’s harness racing industry. The original referendum dedicated 11 percent of net slot machine revenues to harness racing and agriculture fairs, with additional funds to be set aside for prescription drugs for

  • Time out

    Sir Sanford Fleming persuaded the English government in 1879 to embrace separate time zones around the English Isles and the rest of the world in a bold understanding of the vastness of the planet and how the sun’s rise affected various regions of Earth. Today, the whole United States, as well as Canada, has six

  • Making the case for universal health care

    Dear Editor: The following is an open letter to the State Legislature’s Joint Committee on Insurance and Financial Services. It was intended as my personal testimony at the May 4 legislative hearings in support of LD 1274, the “Healthy Maine Act.” Its formal title is more specific, “An Act To Promote Universal Health Care, Including

  • Sticking with PERC the right choice for Maine communities

    Dear Editor: The two reasons being given by towns that have opted to contract with Fiberight, LLC for municipal solid waste management are cost and because they trust the Municipal Review Committee Inc. (MRC). According to MRC’s website (http://mrcmaine.org/), we can all stop thinking about municipal solid waste and place our trust in them. In