• MDOT Work Plan, 2017

    Nothing in state government should be less partisan than infrastructure maintenance and investment. Without a solid, dependable transportation system, our economy would swiftly crumble. Since 2011, David Bernhardt has been Maine’s Department of Transportation commissioner, coordinating multiple interests and competing needs while battling an unforgiving Mother Nature that unleashes punishment to our northern-state infrastructure. From

  • Able seamen, indeed

    Congratulations to the Maine Maritime Academy sailing team for capturing a respectable fourth at the Port of Los Angeles Harbor Cup regatta earlier this month. The team’s fine finish after two days of close racing off the California coast is all the more remarkable for the youth of the Mariners’ crew, several of whom are

  • Come fly with us again

    Dear Editor: I noticed in a recent letter that an Ellsworth resident provided some feedback regarding commercial air service offerings at the Bar Harbor Airport. This person referred to themselves as a former “regular” here who stopped flying out of this airport after Colgan Airlines left in 2012, mostly due to the fact that they

  • Follow the money on the ACA

    Dear Editor: Why do politicians hate the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? Follow the money…approximately 50 percent of the cost of the ACA is borne by the 1 percent crew, insurance companies and medical device manufacturers. Repealing the ACA would put an average of $33,000 of tax cuts in the hands of the richest 1 percent

  • Let’s work to find some common ground

    Dear Editor: Every right has one or more corresponding responsibilities attached to it. To stand on rights alone is to be alone because anyone else will step on those rights because they conflict with yours. Example: At a corner there are rules for who goes first if two cars arrive together. If you are in

  • Make your voices heard

    Dear Editor: I went to Bruce Poliquin’s office today with six other interested citizens from the Blue Hill Peninsula. We went with the intention of sharing our concerns about our representatives’ views on the current situation in Washington. We talked about health care, the military budget, the environment, the state of our prisons and other