• Time for the Electoral College to go

    Dear Editor: It’s my understanding that our forefathers were a bit concerned about “too much democracy” in a “direct popular vote” and inserted the Electoral College as a way to reverse and tidy up whatever too much democracy might produce. And as we have just witnessed, it does not tidy up anything; it just makes

  • Unstable Trump a threat to country’s future

    Dear Editor: I am feeling overwhelmed by all the outrageous and deplorable actions our federal government is taking under our new President’s bullying “ leadership.” I have been writing to our state senators about a wide range of issues and every time I listen to the news or read the paper there is yet another

  • Freedom trumps bad press

    Dear Editor: In a true story, the son of a World War II veteran asks his old and dying father, “Tell me about the war.” The father requests his war medals, and, saying nothing, shows the son the inscription on the back. “Freedom from Fear and Want. Freedom of Speech and Religion.” In today’s diverse

  • Education report card

    A quality education should be the goal for every citizen. Our livelihoods depend on a healthy, sustainable economy propelled by a knowledgeable workforce. As a leading advocacy group states, “At the heart of it all, it’s about our people.” No one questions the intentions or efforts to make our state’s education system better. However, the

  • Beware of unintended consequences

    In his novel “Cat’s Cradle,” Kurt Vonnegut introduces a fictional element called ice-nine. It’s an ice that does not melt until the temperature hits 114.4 F. When ice-nine comes into contact with any kind of water, it freezes that water solid. Ice-nine was invented by the novel’s Defense Department so that infantry units would no

  • A house divided cannot stand

    Dear Editor: Phil Grant [Commentary, Feb. 2] views an America divided into two sides at war with each other. Trump and his followers are on one side, wanting America to be great, following the Constitution, always telling the truth, loving God and veterans, etc. “The Left” is on the other, pursuing opposite goals in all

  • Casey Stengel said it best

    Dear Editor: Once again, Phil Grant sees fit to prognosticate on how great the Trump administration will be if only the leftists will stop criticizing him. I’ve got news, President Trump won’t need any help from us to fail; in fact, he’s already well on his way. Mr. Grant has made many declarative statements about

  • Collins needs to address her constituents

    Dear Editor: Constituents of Susan Collins in the Ellsworth area are putting forth that now is the time for Sen. Collins to join us for a public meeting. Now is the time for Susan to hear firsthand from citizens in her home state about issues important to us: health care, the environment, education, human rights,