• Alewife watchers needed in May

    ORLAND — The annual upstream migration of alewives is beginning in coastal Maine rivers, and this year, Orland residents and the Fish Committee are seeking volunteers to count the fish passing the Orland Village dam on their way up the Narramissic River. The Narramissic once had the third largest alewife run in Maine, and Orland

  • Fishermen practice safety skills in Jonesport

    Fishermen practice safety skills in Jonesport

    JONESPORT — The weather last Thursday was a lousy day for fishing — thick of fog and windy outside the islands — but that made it just perfect for dozens of fishermen to take part in a day-long safety and survival training program. Nearly 60 fishermen signed up for the program, run by the Massachusetts-based

  • Committee approves flare disposal bill

    Committee approves flare disposal bill

    ELLSWORTH — Working in the Legislature’s sometimes mysterious way, the Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety last week voted its approval of LD 252, this time with the apparent support of the state fire marshal. At a public hearing on the bill in March, State Fire Marshal Joseph Thomas testified in opposition to the

  • Bill would regulate flare disposal

    Bill would regulate flare disposal

    AUGUSTA — A bill in the hands of the Maine Legislature’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee would dictate where commercial and recreational boaters should dispose of their expired marine flares. Currently, there is no easily accessible program for flare disposal, and the explosive devices can pile up in boats, garages or even in the

  • Elver landings rising slowly, but price stays low

    Elver landings rising slowly, but price stays low

    ELLSWORTH — A little more than three weeks into the 10-week fishing season, Maine elver dealers have reported buying about 30 percent of the total annual 9,616-pound landings quota allocated to the state’s fishery. As of 6 p.m. on Sunday, according to figures the Department of Marine Resources described as “extremely preliminary,” dealers had purchased

  • Fishery education plan in Congress

    ELLSWORTH — The federal budget may be shrinking, and bipartisanship moribund, but congressmen from two coastal states a continent apart are undeterred. Last week, Reps. Seth Moulton (D-Massachusetts) and Don Young (R-Alabama) introduced legislation that would establish the first national program to support young men and women entering the commercial fishing industry. The bipartisan, bicoastal

  • Citizen scientists needed to monitor herring runs

    ELLSWORTH — As spring arrives, huge schools of river herring make their way toward the coast, set on swimming upstream to spawning grounds in Maine’s lakes and rivers. For thousands of years these fish have fed the birds, wildlife and people of Downeast Maine. After decades of decline, their numbers are rebounding, responding to good