Trenton church holds “Second Amendment Sunday”


John Linnehan addresses the crowd at

TRENTON — John Linnehan stood in front of about 60 people at the Good News Center Sunday morning and explained why he had a loaded, semi-automatic 9-milimeter Ruger in the holster belted to his hip.

“I don’t normally pack a gun,” he said. “I don’t usually do it, but today I wanted to take a stand so there’s no misunderstanding as to where we stand.”

At the beginning of what was billed as “Second Amendment Sunday,” Linnehan said the broad subject of the day was freedom.

The message was hard to miss. Linnehan led the service wearing a sports-style T-shirt with the word “Freedom” emblazoned across the front of it over the phrase “… to keep & bear Arms.”

On the back, where an athlete’s last name would usually be found, the word “Amendment” curved above a large “2.”

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Steve Fuller

Steve Fuller

Reporter at The Ellsworth American,
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