Transfer Station Waives Disposal Fees for TVs, Computer Monitors

BLUE HILL — Residents in the five towns that use the Blue Hill-Surry Transfer Station will be able to dispose of discarded television sets and computer monitors at no cost beginning April 15.

At their weekly meeting last Friday, Blue Hill Selectmen announced that the $10 fee for disposing of those items at the Transfer Station will be waived for an indefinite period of time starting April 15.

Selectman John Bannister said Blue Hill and Surry selectmen opted to waive the disposal fees after learning that the Transfer Station would not have to pay any fees for disposal of television sets and computer monitors, as long as it can offer a fully loaded trailer of the se items.

Currently, a $10 fee is assessed for each television set and each computer monitor brought to the Transfer Station. The program will continue as long as the station has a steady stream of electronics to recycle.