Photo Courtesy Timber Tina

‘Timber’ Tina among competitors in Nat Geo Alaska survival show

Photo Courtesy Timber Tina


TRENTON — “Timber” Tina Scheer, owner of the Great Maine Lumberjack Show here, is among a cadre of hard-core survivalists participating in a new endurance show on the National Geographic Channel.

The former contestant on the mega-hit reality show “Survivor,” will appear as part of a three-person “Team Woodsmen,” in a show called “Ultimate Survival Alaska.”

The first episode of the show is slated to air on Sunday, Dec. 15.

Other members of Ms. Scheer’s team include an off-grid survivalist Jimmy Gaydos, and an Alaskan wilderness guide and homesteader, Yote Robertson.

Other squads include “Team Mountaineers,” “Team Endurance,” and “Team Military.” Each episode forces the teams to encounter and surmount natural and man-made obstacles in the remote Alaskan Wilderness. Among the challenges are running a dog sled team, plunging over 70-foot waterfalls, dodging deadly bears, and subsisting on natural foods such as squirrel.

Ms. Scheer is the show’s only female competitor. The show’s producers said all were chosen for their experience and personality.

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