Pigeons target port building

A flock of pigeons roosts on the port security building in Bar Harbor.

BAR HARBOR — A flock of pigeons that have taken to roosting on the roof of the town’s new $640,000 port security building caused town councilors Tuesday to consider a ban on feeding wildlife as a way of easing the problem.

Police Chief Nate Young, however, said that the only sensible solution would be to spend $2,000 more to have a roofing company install spikes and wires around the edges of the roof. Town workers cannot do the work because it would void the warranty, he said.

The roof spikes would have been included in the design had the pigeon problem been obvious before now, he said.

Councilors voted 7-0 to instruct town manager Dana Reed to bring some recommendations on solutions and a funding option. An ordinance to prohibit feeding pigeons would be a last resort, they said.

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