Neighbors appeal quarry decision

MOUNT DESERT — Two couples who live near a granite quarry in the village of Hall Quarry are appealing a decision by code enforcement officer Kim Keene not to order the cessation of quarrying at the site.

The town’s zoning board of appeals is slated to hear the appeal on May 30.

Harold MacQuinn, Inc., owns the six-acre quarry site and leases it to Freshwater Stone & Brick, Inc.

At issue is a section of the town’s land use zoning ordinance (LUZO) stating that property “on which a non-conforming use is discontinued for a period exceeding one year…may not again be devoted to a non-conforming use…”

Peter and Judy Aylen, whose property abuts the quarry site, and Gerald and Laurie Shencavitz, who also live nearby, contend that for more than two decades, until 2011, no quarrying took place and only small amounts of stone were occasionally removed. That, they argue, does not constitute a continuous use and, therefore, quarrying there is illegal.

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