Maple syrup season lasting longer


At Mandala Farm in South Gouldsboro, owners Genio Bertin and Sara Faull have been tapping maples on their working farm straddling Young’s Farm Road.

ELLSWORTH — The 2013 maple syrup season is much sweeter than last year’s, which ended prematurely due to a brief March heat wave.

“It’s been a good start,” said Paul Volckhausen who owns Happytown Farm in Orland. “We’re hoping it’s going to continue for a little bit longer.”

While production has been better this year, it hasn’t been the best.

“It’s not going to be the best year ever,” said University of Maine Extension Service educator Katherine Hopkins. She explained that ideal conditions require below-freezing temperatures overnight, preferably 20 degrees and 40 to 45 degrees and sunny during the day with a light wind.

“The temperatures have been right a lot of the time” said Hopkins. But it’s either been overcast and rainy or there’s been a strong wind, she said.

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