Liquor license question tops Sedgwick town meeting agenda

SEDGWICK — Voters at the annual Town Meeting, which starts Friday, March 1, will be asked whether the town should allow licensed businesses such as restaurants to offer on-site liquor consumption.

The local liquor referendum, which was the effort of a citizens’ petition, will be voted by secret ballot during the municipal election. Polls open at 1 p.m. and close at 6.

Currently, Sedgwick businesses such as restaurants or bed and breakfasts that would offer alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption are not allowed.

Voters will have two choices on the liquor referendum.

Both questions would allow licensed businesses to provide on-site consumption of liquor.

Passage of the first question would allow liquor to be sold and consumed at licensed establishments every day but Sunday.

Passage of the second question would allow licensed businesses to sell liquor for consumption every day, including Sundays.

Jill Smith, who is renovating the former Country View Drive-In for her bakery, Millbrook Co., initiated the citizens’ petition.

Smith said the initiative would help improve Sedgwick’s economy.

“To go” alcohol sales are allowed at Sedgwick businesses, such as the Eggemoggin Country Store.

Also on March 1, voters will be asked to decide a contested race on the Board of Selectmen.

The term of Second Selectman Colby Pert is expiring. Pert is seeking re-election.

Former Selectman Nelson Grindal also is seeking election to the board.

The annual Town Meeting will reconvene Saturday, March 2, at 9 a.m.

Voters will be asked whether to enact a new ordinance called the “Town of Sedgwick, Maine Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Ordinance.”

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