Photo By Jennifer Osborn

Deer Isle-Stonington grads hear about tools for life

Photo By Jennifer Osborn

Deer-Isle Stonington High School members of the Class of 2013 greet well-wishers during a reception line after commencement exercises Sunday.

DEER ISLE — Deer Isle-Stonington High School Principal Todd West offered the graduating Class of 2013 several pieces of advice using tools as a metaphor for life skills.

“Some tools you all have as a result of earning a high school diploma,” West said. “These make up the basics of any tool belt. Think of English class, math class, etc., as your hammer and tape measure. Everyone needs them, and they will be useful to you more times than you can imagine.”

“Some tools you specialized in,” West said. “Not everyone needs a shoulder plane or a skew chisel, just like not everyone needs nine math credits or five industrial arts credits.

“However, you’ve picked them up and learned how to use those tools because they suit what you want to do. You’ve acquired some specialized knowledge and skills to layer on top of the solid foundation you all have.”

In continuing his remarks, West told the students, “Now that you have some tools, and you know how to use them, you need to make something with them.”

The 37 graduating seniors were awarded over 100 scholarships totaling $66,440.

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