Hancock County Jail Log

ELLSWORTH — The following individuals recently were booked into the Hancock County Jail:

Sept. 16

Allan Church, 47, Gouldsboro, sentenced to four days in jail for operating while under the influence (OUI) and violating bail conditions.

Dakota Dunphy, 18, Ellsworth, theft, burglary of a motor vehicle, failure to appear in court (FTA), violating bail conditions.

Curtis Knudsen Jr., 21, Gouldsboro, theft, burglary of a motor vehicle

Justin Russell, 27, Greenbush, default in payment of fine, bailed.

Sept. 15

Jason Hinckley, 28, Ellsworth, default in payment of fine.

Donald Robinson, 31, Gouldsboro, disorderly conduct, bailed.

Sept. 14

James Bence, 58, Bar Harbor, sentenced to 48 hours in jail for violating bail conditions.

Beverly Bradford, 54, Jamaica Plain, Mass., OUI, bailed.

Russell Crossman Jr., 32, Trenton, FTA.

Alison Harriman, 32, Orland, FTA, bailed.

Dustin Johnson, 30, Ellsworth, OUI, probation violation.

Kenneth McCafferty III, 36, Frankfort, probation violation.

Kevin Purnell, 50, Ellsworth, harassment.

Sept. 13

Michael Bunker, 48, Eastbrook, OUI, bailed.

Nicole Cyr, 22, Bangor, OUI.

Lybra Cousins, 23, Brooksville, drug court sanction.

Jeffrey Munn, 35, Ellsworth, FTA.

Sept. 12

Patrick Betts, 27, Stonington, violating bail conditions.

Jacob Hurd, 23, Charleston, sentenced to 10 days in jail for theft, violating bail conditions.

Joshua Kane, 20, Hancock, sentenced to 45 days in jail for burglary and theft.

Justin Martin, 25, Sedgwick, domestic violence assault, terrorizing.

Douglas Stokely, 22, Ellsworth, violating bail conditions.

Sept. 11

David Dressel, 28, Hancock, OUI, violating bail conditions.

James Ray, 28, Ellsworth, OUI, bailed.

Sept. 10

Devin Bridges, 24, Orland, FTA.

Joseph Gionet, 47, Corinth, OUI, bailed.

Joseph Robbins, 20, Blue Hill, sentenced to 48 hours in jail for violating bail conditions.

William Smeal, 26, Ellsworth, operating after suspension, violating bail conditions, bailed.

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