Jennifer Osborn

New Convenience Store Opens in Blue Hill

Jennifer Osborn

The Bryant family, from left, son Michael, father Tony, daughter Brittany and mother, Jennifer, is ready to be your first and last stop of the day with their new convenience store, Mike’s Market II on the Mines Road in Blue Hill.

BLUE HILL — A local man whose family has a history as shopkeepers has opened a convenience store at 75 Mines Road.

Tony Bryant and his wife, Jennifer, opened the store on April 13 next to Marlintini’s, which belongs to Bryant’s brother, Tim.

When the brothers were younger, their family owned Mike’s Market in Brooklin, thus the name Mike’s Market II.

Bryant’s grandparents and his mother have also owned the Brooklin General Store.

Bryant decided to open his own business after working 23 years at the paper mill in Bucksport. He retired last April.

The convenience store features the first “beer cave” in Blue Hill, Bryant said.

A beer cave is a refrigeration unit that is separate from the rest of the store’s refrigeration units. This “cave” enables Bryant to keep the beer around 30 degrees. If milk was stored at that temperature, it would freeze, he said.

The building, which was designed by Derek Siebert of Deer Isle, will feature a drive-through this summer.

Bryant said any products that don’t require identification will be available to pick up using the drive-through.

The Bryants’ son, Michael, and daughter, Brittany, also work at the store.

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