Photo Courtesy Blue Hill Rifle and Pistol Club

Blue Hill Rifle Range seeks female shooting enthusiasts

Photo Courtesy Blue Hill Rifle and Pistol Club

Three lady shooters at the Cowboy Fast Draw Shoot in December at the Blue Hill Rifle and Pistol Club are, from left to right, Magnum Red, Miss Kitty and Daisy A’Dare (aka Mary Ann Sheets).

BLUE HILL — The Blue Hill Rifle and Pistol Club would like to increase its membership, particularly among women, for its cowboy fast draw shoots.

Cowboy fast draw shooters dress up in period costumes, such as cowboy attire, and compete with .45-caliber pistols, although they do not fire live ammunition. Instead, according to Mary Ann Sheets, one of the club’s directors, they use a special cartridge that fires a wax bullet at a target.

Sheets said a computer system times competitors on each shot. The winner is the shooter who hits their target faster.

Sheets said the playing field is level at the competitions, as men, women and children only compete against each other in separate divisions.

“Strength is not an advantage,” she said.

The cowboy fast draw shoots are held the third Saturday of each month at the rifle range.

For more information about the cowboy draw events, e-mail [email protected] or go to or

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