Jacqueline Weaver

Bicycling Season Starts Early in Gouldsboro

Jacqueline Weaver

A love of the outdoors led Bentley Howard of Gouldsboro to invent an ice bike, which can take him around the perimeter of lakes and ponds quietly and at a relaxed pace.

GOULDSBORO — There is little Bentley Howard enjoys more than tooling around outside on his bicycle, but snowy and icy Maine roads can be a challenge.

So Bentley devised a bike that can take him outdoors in the winter safely and quietly.

Meet the ice bike.

“I’ve ridden bicycles on the ice using screws from old mountain bike tires,” he said. “But it’s precarious, and if you fall you’re falling a long way.”

A natural born tinkerer, Bentley gave the issue some thought and over the course of the last few years designed a recumbent bicycle that is propelled by pedals and glides ahead on skis.

Best of all, it is low to the ground, so a fall is unlikely and much less risky.

Plus, his ice bike is designed to take one places that are readily accessible in Maine — ponds and lakes.

“I just love being outside on these lakes and ponds,” said Bentley, an avid skier and skater. “It’s another way to explore them and get some exercise in the winter time.”


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Jacqueline Weaver

Jacqueline Weaver

Reporter at The Ellsworth American
Jacqueline's beat covers the eastern Hancock County towns of Lamoine through Gouldsboro as well as Steuben in Washington County. She was a reporter for the New York Times, United Press International and Reuters before moving to Maine. She also publicized medical research at Yale School of Medicine and scientific findings at Yale University for nine years.[email protected]