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  • DVD Review: The Manchurian Candidate

    DVD Review: The Manchurian Candidate

    A president of the United States maneuvered into office by the Russians? A brash, uncouth bully poised to assume the highest office in the land thanks to a gigantic communist conspiracy to take over our government? You can’t make this stuff up. Actually, you can. Someone did — 55 years ago. “The Manchurian Candidate” (1962),

  • DVD Review: Jason Bourne

    DVD Review: Jason Bourne

    Observing Matt Damon’s character once again tearing the lid off CIA black ops’ skullduggery, we wondered if, after all the sequels, can there possibly be a single ugly secret left in Langley? Our hero, Jason, the humorless amnesiac and government-groomed assassin, is once again bringing down the temple. This would be the same top secret

  • DVD review: Goliath

    DVD review: Goliath

    The washed-up lawyer who, having once shown great promise, is now a drunken ambulance-chaser is familiar ground. Paul Newman had that role in “The Verdict” (1982). Arthur O’Connell did the honors in “Anatomy of a Murder” (1959), playing Jimmy’s Stewart’s rum-soaked partner. Keeping it fresh now is Billy Bob Thornton as William McBride, the protagonist

  • Marauders


    Finally: a new standardized test to replace the SAT, Learning Results and Leave No Child Behind. And it’s CHEAP! Here’s all you have to do. Rent “Marauders” and show it to a roomful of high school juniors. Any kid who can explain the plot gets a full ride to Harvard. It’s not that the plot

  • DVD Review: The Infiltrator

    DVD Review: The Infiltrator

    This may not be the most critically objective movie review, since we’d be content to sit around and watch Bryan Cranston read the phonebook. But trust us; “The Infiltrator” is a great movie from start to finish. It is based on the 2009 autobiography of the same name by Robert Mazur, a U.S. Customs undercover

  • The Jungle Book

    The Jungle Book

    The best movie we’ve seen all year. But it’s a kids’ movie, right? Not really. Disney’s 1967 version was a kids’ movie, but this one is simply great entertainment concocted from an engaging tale, fine actors, superior camera work and, yes, computer-generated images. But such images! Live actors and animated effects have shared equal billing

  • Genius


    This is the one that got away: the movie that might have been brilliant but ends up tedious. The troubles are legion. For one, Colin Firth is in a movie and Jude Law is doing summer stock, shouting to the people in the back row. When a director can’t decide between the cinematic and the

  • DVD Review: Narcos, Season 2

    At the start of Season 2, Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) has become an immortal. The petrified grunts he encounters after his prison escape part before him like the Red Sea, though the criminal kingpin is armed with nothing more than his mesmerizing gaze. We were uneasily eager to return to 1992 Colombia for another season

  • DVD Review: The Real Glory

    DVD Review: The Real Glory

    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte lit up the wires last week when he called President Obama a “son of a gun,” or words to that effect. What set him off was a reporter’s suggestion that Obama might take him to task for the 2,900 (and counting) extrajudicial killings of drug dealers — actual and suspected —