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  • How to grow tomatoes successfully

    How to grow tomatoes successfully

    Tomatoes are the divas of the vegetable patch — luscious, celebrated and notoriously hard to please. If it’s too chilly they’ll sulk. If it’s too hot, they’ll throw a tantrum, scattering their blossoms and refusing to perform. Gardeners everywhere know that planting tomatoes prematurely in spring is a mistake. They will just sit there until

  • Eight miles high

    Eight miles high

    Today’s question: Is it a good idea to drink wine while flying? Answer: Yes, of course, unless you are the pilot. Ordering up a couple of those mini bottles when they wheel the refreshment cart down the aisle guarantees a brief interval or mellowness in your cramped seat with the headrest that doesn’t rest your

  • Ode to garlic

    Ode to garlic

    There are many characteristics of French cuisine that I truly enjoy, and one of them is aioli. A strongly flavored garlic mayonnaise that originates from the Provence region of France, aioli is a delicious condiment for meat, fish and vegetables. The dish known as the Grand Aioli is a ritual culinary celebration of poached salt