• Have a ball

    Have a ball

    Maine Coast Memorial Hospital’s annual Poinsettia Ball is fast approaching. Do you know where your gown is? If you’re planning to go all Cinderella with a floor-length gown and elbow-length gloves, we can’t help you. However, we found several knee-length cocktail dresses at T.J. Maxx. We found a strapless blue number for $49.99 made by

  • Hancock County Superior Court Sept. 13 through October 2

    Hancock County Superior Court Sept. 13 through October 2

    The following cases were heard in Hancock County Superior Court, according to official records: Sept. 13 through Oct. 3 Lindsey G. Ames, 24, Dedham. Theft by unauthorized taking or transfer at Dedham, March 26, 2012. Jail 90 days. Restitution $75. Theft by unauthorized taking or transfer at Dedham, March 26, 2012. Jail 90 days. Three

  • Untying the Iranian nuclear knot

    It is a truism of American politics that a President in the last two years of his term will tend to focus on foreign policy — particularly if the last congressional elections have gone against him (as they usually do). President Obama is no exception. In the wake of the electoral drubbing his party suffered

  • Shameful turnout

    In a national election that saw the lowest voter turnout in 72 years, Maine was the rare exception. With sharply competitive gubernatorial and congressional races and a controversial referendum on bear hunting heading the ballot, an unofficial tally pegged the turnout in Maine at 59.3 percent, the highest in the nation. Hancock County did even

  • Good news for consumers

    Hundreds of thousands of Mainers have been rejoicing at steadily falling prices of both gasoline and heating oil as petroleum supplies around the world continue to outweigh demand. Nobody can predict with accuracy how long the current situation will continue. Most analysts believe that higher prices will return over the long term. A week ago,

  • New rep ready to get to work

    Dear Editor: I’d like express my sincere gratitude to the voters of District 131 (Otis, Dedham, Orland, Penobscot, Verona Island, Prospect and Stockton Springs) for placing your trust in me with your vote to be your voice in the Maine House of Representatives. Over the course of the summer and fall, I criss-crossed this expansive

  • Take time to check the facts

    Dear Editor: Michael Hall, as a former National Guardsman no longer subject to military discipline, may speak out with impunity against the commander in chief of the U.S. Armed Forces in which he proudly served (“A Tragic Silence”) if he disagrees with that President’s decisions to date regarding “boots on the ground” in the suppression