• At $10 a pop, you can be an arts patron

    At $10 a pop, you can be an arts patron

    BLUE HILL — Several years ago, a masterful stroke of scheduling allowed Michele Levesque to make art again. She’d been an arts instructor in California before moving to Maine with her husband, photographer Michael Rossney. In 2007, the couple opened El El Frijoles, a Mexican taqueria in Sargentville. They later had a son, Jasper Rossney.

  • Farewell, Carle

    A good friend of The Ellsworth American left us last week, just days before his 95th birthday. Carle Gray, who made his home in Sullivan, was a certified public accountant who retired as senior partner of the Gray, Horton & McFarland accounting firm in 1986. He died on Feb. 20 at the Island Nursing Home

  • Taking a second look

    A newly constituted Maine Public Utilities Commission voted 2-1 last week to reopen the bidding process on a pair of long-term energy contracts previously approved by the commission. Even before that vote, Governor Paul LePage had come under fire from some quarters for advocating the reconsideration. The two contracts in question involve Emera Maine and

  • Smoking: expensive and dangerous

    Not unlike the endless litany of bad news related to the global environmental impacts of climate change, the latest news is equally bleak about that national incidence of disease and death related to the ongoing cigarette-smoking epidemic. A study published Feb. 12 in the New England Journal of Medicine shows death trends among current smokers

  • RSU 24 superintendent search under way

    RSU 24 superintendent search under way

    SULLIVAN — Interviews are under way to find a successor to Regional School Unit 24 (RSU 24) Superintendent Suzanne Lukas. Lukas was hired in 2011 and said she is departing June 30 to spend more time with her infant grandson. Board Chairman Michael Pinkham said there were 11 applicants as of Feb. 27 and the

  • Winter warriors

    Dear Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to thank the various road crews that keep our streets clear of snow! They work unbelievable hours under the worst of conditions to keep our streets safe and clear of snow. It’s amazing how we can get 2 feet of snow and within 24 hours, the

  • Winter Musing

    Dear Editor: Aruba, Antigua, Abaco, all New England antitheses, sing through cold and snow a siren song of sun-drenched lands, “pause from labor snow-related where scent of Coppertone pervades, find respite from tasks scorned and hated, rest lazy, carefree, in hammocks swaying, breathe fragrant scent of blooming tropics, where gentle breezes caress trees and coconut