• Fireworks in Ellsworth

    Over the next couple of weeks, members of the public will have one more opportunity to weigh in on the pros and cons of a consumer fireworks ordinance now before the Ellsworth City Council. A council vote on the ordinance, which would sharply reduce the days and hours when fireworks could be used and limit

  • A belligerent President

    If you’re President Barack Obama, why would you thumb your nose at Congress — figuratively, if not literally? That’s exactly what the President did last Thursday night when he announced that he will use his executive power to provide a measure of security — at least temporarily — for millions of immigrants illegally in the

  • Maine’s dark side can trigger depression

    It seems those of us who live at or above 44 degrees latitude are destined to “come to the dark side” between now and early spring. Between the recent “fall back, spring forward” exercise in resetting the clocks and the ongoing run up to the Dec. 21 winter solstice, we are quickly reaching the point

  • America’s Transformation

    Liberalism is best applied through big, centralized government. Liberalism incorporates the belief that government knows best and must, therefore, limit individual freedoms, heavily regulate business, control educational curricula, health care, banking, and so on, as well as dominate states’ rights.

  • The Nuclear Option

    The Maine Yankee nuclear plant was commissioned in 1972 with a license to operate until 2008. During every year of operation, changes were made to improve safety and performance. The watchword: “Let’s not do anything to jeopardize our application for a relicense in 2008.”

  • Get the facts straight on dock dispute

    Dear Editor: Upon reading the piece by G. Wilson Thomas II about me and the Hancock dock saga [“Dock-tored facts in Hancock, Nov. 6], I wasn’t inspired to quote a jurist (I’ve had enough of lawyers). Instead, it reminded me of a quotation from Mark Twain: “Never let the truth get in the way of

  • Tickets on sale for EFD gun raffle

    ELLSWORTH — Tickets are on sale now for the Ellsworth Fire Department’s fifth annual 31-gun raffle. The guns will be raffled off in May of 2015 — “a gun a day in the month of May,” as the tagline goes. Tickets cost $20 each, and can be purchased at either the fire station below City

  • Poems a nice touch

    Dear Editor: While I often write “corrections” to environmental errors I find in the Editorial pages, I would like to commend you for publishing the photo and poems each week by James Russell Wiggins. It’s the kind of poetry I enjoy. It rhymes, and is modestly short and pertinent to the time/season. I often copy

  • Poor sportsmanship puts damper on title game

    Dear Editor: Age certainly makes a difference in how you appreciate things and watching high school sports is an enjoyment that has been especially pleasant for me! It is even more so when you have grandchildren playing a sport and watching them learn and enjoying the competition. The joys of winning or learning to accept