• To protect and serve

    The Ellsworth City Council last week approved the police chief’s request for eight new semi-automatic rifles. The sentiment expressed by many readers can be summed up thus: “It’s too bad it’s come to this.” But has it come to this? Has violent crime in Ellsworth, or even the threat of violence, increased to the point

  • Rockbound Chapel saved by the bell

    Rockbound Chapel saved by the bell

    BROOKLIN — When Brent Follweiler first came to Brooklin with his wife, Anne, in 2001 to look for houses to move into, one of the first things he noticed was the sound of the carillon ringing from the white wooden belfry of the Rockbound Chapel on Reach Road. “The chimes were playing and we were

  • A dream come true

    For nearly two decades, Belinda and Chuck Lawrence have seen their Tradewinds Marketplace in Blue Hill enthusiastically supported by the town and its surrounding communities. The growth of that flagship market has spawned other full-service Tradewinds supermarkets in Milo, Calais and Clinton, and a host of smaller convenience stores, variety stores and eateries in other

  • Only a teacher! A tribute

    You are a supersonic, grape tonic spaceman of the far reaches of the inner Katmandu of the terrestrial and Jovian known universes! Deep space and you go way back.

  • KidsGiveBack has plenty to be proud of

    Dear Editor: This is simply to thank everyone who has welcomed our KidsGiveBack community service programs here at KidsPeace over the years. I have wound down my programs and resigned my position as KidsGiveBack coordinator altogether. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished over the years. The KidsGiveBack Forestry Program alone has engaged 306 kids in

  • Delta Airlines angel earns her wings

    Dear Editor: Delta Airlines has been in the news lately, with all the news bad. A major computer meltdown recently stranded thousands of passengers at Delta terminals throughout the United States, in some places for days. It was a big deal, as Delta is America’s second largest airline. In light of all this negative media