• Bay Hill School open house

    BLUE HILL — The Bay School will be hosting an open house from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, March 14. There will be something for all ages and everyone is welcome. Events include a puppet show, watercolor painting, math lessons, a games class, handworks and campus tours, all led by Bay School faculty. No

  • Property Transfers Feb. 26 to March 4

    AURORA Lakeville Shores, Inc., Winn, to Timothy J. Barry, Norwich, Conn., land with any improvements. Quitclaim Deed. BAR HARBOR Thomas F. Mitchell, Karen R. Mitchell, Ariel D. Mitchell and Danica F.A. Mitchell, Providence, R.I., to Abendruh Cottage, LLC, Bar Harbor, land with any improvements. Release Deed. The Inhabitants of the Municipality of the Town of

  • Luchini says “whoa” to Keno

    ELLSWORTH — Rep. Louie Luchini (D-Ellsworth) wants the public to have a say about adding Keno to Maine’s gambling menu, saying the online game is closer to casino gambling than a lottery. The Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations (BABLO) plans to introduce the game May 26 in 135 locations and expand to 300

  • American makes “major upgrade” to its press room

    American makes “major upgrade” to its press room

    ELLSWORTH — Two new pieces of equipment in the press room at The Ellsworth American have modernized the company’s printing facility and underscored its commitment to print products. Publisher Alan Baker said a decades-old analog control panel in the press room has been replaced with a digital model. Director of Production DeWayne Larsen said the

  • Special ed costs lead to school budget increase in Penobscot

    Special ed costs lead to school budget increase in Penobscot

    PENOBSCOT — At the annual Town Meeting Tuesday evening, local voters approved a school budget that increased from last year’s, due in part to costs associated with special education at Penobscot Community School. Voters approved a school budget of $1,812,440, an increase of $128,968, or 7.66 percent, from last year. According to Principal Allen Cole,

  • The merits of Meritage

    The merits of Meritage

    Age is a wonderful thing in mustards, mahogany and the better wines. With people, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, but not by much. On our last birthday, one of our older sisters wrote in her card: “Just think: you’ll never have to worry about dying young.” The comments from our other sisters were less sensitive,

  • Maine State Police: Stolen street sign recovered

    Maine State Police: Stolen street sign recovered

    ELLSWORTH — While searching for a wanted suspect in Stonington, Trooper Jake Ferland located a road sign that had been stolen from the town of Stonington. Ferland charged Timothy Jones, 23, of Stonington with receiving stolen property. Missing road signs makes it difficult for firefighters and EMTs to respond to emergencies, the trooper said. Burglary