• Ellsworth chess club members play blindfolded

    Ellsworth chess club members play blindfolded

    ELLSWORTH — Three words summed up the Ellsworth chess club’s practice Thursday evening inside the Ellsworth Public Library. “My brain hurts,” said member Steven Tucker, who was playing blindfolded. For the past two weeks, the club has offered members the option to wear a blindfold while competing. Club organizer Dick Powell proposed the additional challenge

  • Ellsworth wrestlers recognized at Portland Sea Dogs game

    Ellsworth wrestlers recognized at Portland Sea Dogs game

    The Ellsworth High School wrestling team was recognized for its Class B state championship in a pregame ceremony before the Portland Sea Dogs hosted the Altoona Curve on Thursday at Hadlock Field in Portland. Above are some photos taken of the team’s trip courtesy of coach JF Burns.

  • Ellsworth baseball team wins sixth straight

    Ellsworth baseball team wins sixth straight

    ELLSWORTH — Things are finally clicking for the Ellsworth baseball team. After a 1-4 start, the Eagles have won their past six straight games. Ellsworth is now ranked ninth in the Class B standings. This week, Ellsworth (7-4) beat John Bapst (3-9) on Tuesday, Caribou (4-6) twice in Saturday’s doubleheader and Hermon (4-5) on Thursday.

  • May 10, 1915: “Americanism and the Foreign-Born”

    This speech was delivered by President Woodrow Wilson on May 10, 1915, to a group of 4,000 newly naturalized citizens at Convention Hall in Philadelphia. It came three days after the sinking of the transatlantic liner Lusitania, and attracted great attention because it made no direct reference to that event and the loss of almost

  • Fighting the obesity epidemic

    There is no shortage of angst and hand-wringing within the global public health community about the many ways obesity is undermining the health of not only Americans, but citizens of countries such as China, India and Japan that are now embracing Western ways of eating. Two-thirds of adults and one-third of children in America are

  • The Rubik’s Cube at Camp David

    America already is well into its next presidential campaign — almost two years before the election. This campaign already has one familiar characteristic: among a raft of candidates for the Republican nomination not one has a shred of foreign policy experience. Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, already has pronounced that foreign policy doesn’t require