• Fighting the obesity epidemic

    There is no shortage of angst and hand-wringing within the global public health community about the many ways obesity is undermining the health of not only Americans, but citizens of countries such as China, India and Japan that are now embracing Western ways of eating. Two-thirds of adults and one-third of children in America are

  • The Rubik’s Cube at Camp David

    America already is well into its next presidential campaign — almost two years before the election. This campaign already has one familiar characteristic: among a raft of candidates for the Republican nomination not one has a shred of foreign policy experience. Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, already has pronounced that foreign policy doesn’t require

  • UMaine system hardly a sinking ship

    By Hugh Curran As much as I have admired Mr. Stephen Weber’s commentaries in the past involving the University of Maine, his most recent article (May 14), titled “It is hard to sell tickets on a sinking ship,” is overstated and somewhat strident, so I feel compelled to make some corrections. I would agree that

  • Governor deserves a break

    Dear Editor: There is too much negativity toward Governor LePage in articles, editorials and letters to area newspapers. He is only trying to improve the lot of Maine people and provide the opportunity for prosperity by undoing 30 years of profligate spending, higher taxes and out of control budgets. Maine’s yearly government spending has grown

  • Bagaduce study a waste of taxpayer money

    Dear Editor: In Tom Stewart’s recent letters to the Packet, he apparently feels the DMR should conduct a study to determine the “carrying capacity” of the Bagaduce River. If there were ever to be a more colossal waste of taxpayer money, I don’t know what it would be. It would compare to cutting a thousand

  • A winning strategy for Maine

    Dear Editor: The excellent editorial “Maine needs a new mindset” should be read by everyone in the state Legislature. Unquestionably, Maine “should undertake a deliberate effort to position itself as one of the nation’s most attractive retirement destinations.” Age bias may well prevent politicians from understanding why this is a shrewd proposal, however. Maine already

  • Stepping up for EEMS students

    Dear Editor: Garrison Keillor once said, “Nothing you do for children is ever wasted.” Our “Parents, Teachers, and Friends” group at EEMS models all they do by this quote. They have given so much to the children, as well as the staff, of Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School. Thanks to the PTF, our school community has enjoyed