• Bipartisan backroom budget bloviators beg rebuttal

    By Lawrence Lockman American author and humorist Mark Twain famously observed that no citizen’s life, liberty or property are safe while the legislature is in session. Was he thinking of Maine? Twain grew up in Missouri after Maine was admitted to the Union in 1820 as part of the Missouri Compromise. I have no idea

  • “They know not what they do”

    Dear Editor: I was distressed to read in the lead story in the Aug. 20 Ellsworth American that the Bucksport Town Council, by a split vote, had dismissed Town Manager Derik Goodine without cause. Derik became a friend over the years that we were together as colleagues at sessions of the Maine Town and City

  • A poem for summer

    Dear Editor: Tree outside my window Catches departing light Great ringed diameter, long did grow With branches bifurcate, tri-quad-and quiet   That soft green garlands now do weave Suddenly clothes for last bright rays Brown bark, sun touched Now tinged with scarlet light   Time of rest and sustenance sweet For twig and leaf, branch

  • Beware of heavily edited videos

    Dear Editor: I am concerned about the apparent intelligence and education level of our nation’s lawmakers. In theory, they should have more than a high school education. I taught high school for more than just a few years. I often dealt with programs and activities that showed how to spot the bias that exists in

  • Explore Maine’s lighthouses for free Sept. 12

    Explore Maine’s lighthouses for free Sept. 12

    ELLSWORTH — The state of Maine’s 7th Annual Open Lighthouse Day will take place on Saturday, Sept. 12. More than two dozen lighthouses across the state will be open to visitors free of charge. The popular event, sponsored by the United States Coast Guard, the Maine Office of Tourism and the American Lighthouse Foundation, draws

  • Rational gun control

    Scarcely a day goes by in America without a news report that some individual, driven by motivations that one often can only imagine, has used a firearm to take the life of another. A gun is, far and away, the weapon of choice for anyone bent on deadly violence — whether it be to take

  • Time to kill your lawnmower?

    Among the iconic bumper stickers of the 1970s was the one that shouted the message: Kill Your Television. It was a sentiment born of concern that the “boob tube” was undermining human interactions and family time and that incessant television viewing was detrimental to positive child development. Fast forward 40 years. Contemporary concern about the

  • With summer’s end, it’s getting quieter out there

    Shopkeepers’ little tongues are hanging out. The school-age tourist demographic is in the car, earbuds in, heading south. Beach towels are in the final rinse. Maybe, just maybe, there will be a parking space in town. Vacationland is by no means closed, but it is shifting into fall mode. The absence of young ’uns means

  • File the flippies

    File the flippies

      We don’t want to say it, and you probably don’t want to hear it, but it’s nearly time to trade in the flip-flops and tank tops for slacks and blouses. SaraSara’s in Blue Hill has everything you need to embrace fall stylishly. We found Tribal slacks in cypress — a nutty brown hue —