• Looking to the future

    From one coast of our nation to the other, the view increasingly prevails that America’s school students must acquire skills and knowledge in science, technology and mathematics if they are to have a successful future as tomorrow’s adults. But several Bucksport educators rightly believe that such a focus ought not to come at the expense

  • A U.S. military strategy for the South China Sea

    As any close observer knows, the South China Sea is a rapidly evolving, and increasingly perilous, strategic arena. China’s assertion that almost the entire sea is “indisputably” Chinese territory has been backed by a rapid buildup of maritime military power and an audacious series of land grabs. The most dramatic of these has been the

  • Top 10 reasons to end the Cuban embargo

    Dear Editor: As Congress ponders whether to change U.S.-Cuba policy in the wake of the President’s initiative toward normalization of relations, I offer the following Top Ten Reasons to End the Blockade Against Cuba: It’s “bizarre.” (Wayne Smith, former head of U.S. Interests Section in Havana.) Trade restrictions are harmful to U.S. business. The blockade

  • Thanks from Mirus Academy

    Dear Editor: The Mirus Academy Board would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Robert Littlejohn, Ph.D., for his thought-provoking lecture on how modern neuroscience validates the historic methods of classical teaching and learning. Dr. Littlejohn’s talk took place on July 25 at the Maine Sea Coast Mission in Bar Harbor, and is the

  • Goose Cove aquaculture site a safety hazard

    Dear Editor: As a resident of Trenton, I was alarmed by the article in the Mount Desert Islander (Aug. 13) on the approval to build the biggest aquaculture operation in Maine (50 acres) in Goose Cove, right in the flight path to and from Bar Harbor Airport and at a distance much less than considered

  • Keep this road to recovery open

    By Darren Ripley We commend Governor LePage for convening a group of law enforcement officials and addiction and recovery providers to address the statewide problem of substance addiction and for acknowledging that “we can’t just arrest our way out of this problem.” Escalating illegal drug use is a symptom of a much larger addiction problem

  • Bee skeptical

    Dear Editor: Recently I wrote supporting commercial beekeepers for keeping bee colony numbers at a 30-year high. However, a recent issue of Science (July 10, p. 126) suggests a class of wild bumblebees that …. “aren’t keeping up with a warming planet,” referencing a second detailed article in the same issue (pp. 177-180) indicating the

  • An emendation

    Dear Editor: Although my numbers in my column on “Distributed Energy” (Aug. 20) were correct, they need emendation. I say the average per-person consumption of electricity is about 14,900 kWh per year. That is the total annual electricity use divided by the population.  To compare the California solar contribution, I should have multiplied the average