• Let’s stick with PERC

    By a narrow 4-3 majority, the Ellsworth City Council made what we believe to be the right move last week in voting to continue sending the city’s trash to the Penobscot Energy Recovery Co. (PERC) facility in Orrington. Municipalities through a large part of Maine have been confronted with the need to choose between PERC

  • Support your local chamber

    Gretchen Wilson, executive director of the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce, and incoming Chamber President Kelly Cochrane provided balanced summaries of challenges and opportunities in their remarks at the Chamber’s annual meeting last Thursday evening. Their message — we’re all in this together, let the Chamber work for you — harmonizes with an editorial position

  • Swim with dolphins, talk with whales

    Whales have been a source of fascination long before the Biblical and literary adventures of Jonah and Captain Ahab. For visitors to Bar Harbor, whale watching expeditions are a popular way to spend a summer day on the Gulf of Maine aboard high-speed catamarans staffed by marine naturalists who know where the local leviathans hang

  • Replacement drugs trade one addiction for another

    By Barbara Royal I will attempt to carry a message from many voices of individuals who are not always able to speak on their own behalf. This message comes from what we at Open Door refer to as the “Front Line.” It is where men, women and children are haunted daily by the voice of

  • Suboxone saves lives

    By Kip Young I’m a substance use counselor here in Downeast Maine. I started working with people who have substance use disorders in 1990, and in the last 10 years I’ve spent over 10,000 hours interviewing and talking to them. About 75 percent of these folks have been dependent on synthetic opiate pain medication (Percocet,

  • We’ve seen this act before

    Dear Editor: I don’t usually get troubled over politics. I have always admired the gentlemen or persons who love our country enough to open themselves up to all kinds of criticism to be our leaders. But I have listened to this man who has been nominated. He scares me. Our country is pretty desperate to

  • An ex-stoner with no regrets

    Dear Editor: I was a “stoner” once. I smoked my share of pot for over 30 years. I watched the TV news about the “smoke-in” in Skowhegan on Patriot’s Day. Perhaps I looked that way once. Summer of 2013 I had acquired a real job, and a boss who challenged me to stop smoking and

  • The Maple Tree

    Dear Editor: Maple Tree Maple tree gathers in the sun Life-long, how faithfully Morning’s dawn and dusk’s slant rays Rooted deep, as each season comes. Spring’s sticky buds and Summer’s green crown. Red gold the fall and snow’s white wrap. Sap runs sweet Children’s delight Adolescence bright bright moment In maturity to share.   Stanley

  • Support Koffman for State Senate

    Dear Editor: Former four-term state representative Ted Koffman is running for State Senate from Hancock County. Please vote for him. As chairman of the Environment and Natural Resources Committee, he forged partnerships across the aisle. Maine is the beneficiary of his respectful leadership. Ted introduced America’s first state climate legislation, worked to protect children from