• A rational energy policy

    News last week that two more of Maine’s existing pulp and paper mills will either shut down or be shopped in an unfavorable market points up the absolute need for the Maine Legislature to revisit its misguided state energy policy. We do not suggest that the high cost of electricity was the primary reason for

  • Putin and Obama

    Russia’s sudden military intervention into Syria has highlighted stark differences in the strategic approach of two rival leaders: Vladimir Putin, the riverboat gambler, and Barack Obama, risk-averse and guided by the dictum, “Don’t do stupid stuff.” Commentaries on events in Syria divide between those seeing Putin as proving his mastery over a feckless Obama and

  • There’s still time to prevent an “Idiocracy”

    By Kenneth Winfield Emerton I’ll never forget the first time I saw Mike Judge’s satirical comedy film “Idiocracy” (2006). It is billed as a comedy, but it was one of the scariest films I’ve ever seen in my life, second only to “Jesus Camp” (2006). The film begins in present-day America. The government has created

  • Well said

    Dear Editor: As one who shouts at the radio when speakers misuse words or grammar (even on NPR), I was smiling then laughing out loud at Mr. [Tom] Walsh’s piece of Oct. 1 [“Speaking American: Not as easy as it seems]. And I strongly say “right on!” … or “write on”? Betsy Armstrong Surry

  • Tough times ahead in Trenton

    Dear Editor: I have lived most of my 95 years on Oak Point Road in Trenton, on the land that has been in my family for longer than that. The Trenton coast is beautiful and a popular location for many who visit this area. Visitors and people living on the Trenton shorefront provide jobs for

  • Get creepy

    Get creepy

    Who needs a Halloween costume? There are plenty to be had at the Ellsworth Goodwill. We’re talking lots and lots of costumes for adults and children as well as accessories. We found an angel costume for women for $10. This is of the good, chaste angel variety with a long white dress and a feathery

  • Some thoughts on “projection”

    Dear Editor: Well, a new school year is well under way. Students and teachers are back in the classroom, administrators are back behind their desks and bullies are breaking in a new set of victims and sharpening their skills on previous victims. Any person who says that bullying is not happening in his or her

  • Pressing issues being ignored

    Dear Editor: I will turn 80 next March. Most men in my ancestry don’t make it past 85, but that doesn’t concern me. Given the problems confronting the world, I expect to be one of the more fortunate ones. There are 7.2 billion people now in the world, and that is expected to increase to

  • A big weekend at UMaine

    Dear Editor: As a proud alumnus, I have served this year as a co-chairman of the 150th Celebration Committee at the University of Maine. The original land grant institution was established as the College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts in 1865, as a result of the enactment of the Morrill Act by President Abraham