• Question 5 will help economy

    Dear Editor: Last month, Great Northern Paper filed for bankruptcy, taking with it dozens of Old Economy jobs and a $20 million unsecured loan provided by taxpayers. A month later, up the road in Bucksport, Verso Paper announced it was shutting down, removing another 570 jobs from Maine’s payroll.

  • Beef, butter, egg prices up sharply from July

    Beef, butter, egg prices up sharply from July

    ELLSWORTH — Remember that Wendy’s commercial from 1984 where the older woman asked “where’s the beef?” while searching a hamburger bun? Today’s question is why so much for the beef? Beef prices have shot up over 22 percent since July, the last time The American conducted a price check of grocery staples. Prices of beef,

  • Senator Langley is one of us

    Dear Editor: I intend to vote for Senator Brian Langley on Nov. 4, and let me offer why I feel so strongly about Senator Langley. He lives and works in our community and enjoys a fine reputation far and wide. I have, on occasion, dined at his restaurant in Ellsworth, where he and his wife, Jane, have often made time for a few words with me.

  • The world is with us

    The Ebola crisis has become a textbook illustration of a defining characteristic of our time — the globalization of nearly everything. A couple of centuries ago, an event like the Ebola outbreak in West Africa would have been a news story in Europe and North America, but little more than that. It would have been

  • Shrimp situation uncertain

    Shrimp situation uncertain

    PORTLAND — The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Northern Shrimp Section will meet Wednesday, Nov. 5, in Portland to consider approval of the Public Information Document (PID) for Amendment 3 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan for Northern Shrimp for public comment. More important, at least in the short term, the section also will review

  • Ellsworth wins volleyball playoff

    ELLSWORTH — With senior Sarah Shelton turning in a 19-kill performance, the seventh-ranked Ellsworth Eagles rolled to a 3-1 win over the number 10 Kennebunk Rams in a state Class A volleyball preliminary playoff on Thursday. The Eagles got off to a strong start in the first game, opening with seven consecutive points off serves

  • Bucksport police: Domestic disputes lead to arrests

    Bucksport police: Domestic disputes lead to arrests

    BUCKSPORT — There have been two recent arrests related to domestic disputes, according to Detective Sgt. David Winchester. Christopher Woodard, 28, of Bucksport was arrested on a charge of domestic assault after police received a complaint on Oct. 12 from a woman living with him. According to Winchester, police made the arrest on Bucksmills Road,

  • Railroad volunteers await arrival of No. 470

    Railroad volunteers await arrival of No. 470

    ELLSWORTH — Downeast Scenic Railroad volunteers are readying Track 7 for the arrival next year of the last steam locomotive operated by Maine Central Railroad. That fabled locomotive, known among rail enthusiasts as No. 470, was built in 1924 and was retired after its final round-trip run from Portland to Bangor on June 13, 1954.